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AdManager for Cable
AdManager for Cable diagram

Save time, effort and money

Automate the way you move and manage digital media at your cable facility

AdManager for Cable automates the way cable and cable advertising companies receive and redistribute commercials, VOD content and other digital media. With Telestream's world-class FlipFactory workflow automation engine under the hood, the entire process is automated from ingest to playout, including receipt, notification, tracking, previewing, reformatting and delivery to destination devices.

Note: read about the benefits of Vantage TrafficManager over FlipFactory TrafficManager.

Streamline the entire process

  • Monitors edge servers: DG FastChannel, Extreme Reach, On The Spot Media, Radiance, Spot Genie, DMDS, Hula MX - plus edit systems, FTP sites & other sources for the arrival of new content
  • Allows your Traffic department to access and review metadata and media
  • Reformats & delivers content to: HQ, MVL or other servers and archives
  • Single collection point for aggregation, tracking & review of all types of incoming media
  • Removes the need for manual intervention and saves time & labor
  • Reduces risk of lost revenues due to dropped spots or other errors
  • Preserves media quality throughout the entire process