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“You guys rock and we would recommend your software and services to anyone!”
– Jonathan Williams, XPmedia.com

Point 360
“Thanks for a great product – it frequently blows our minds”
– Joel Martin, Point 360

Utah State University
“The software is very user friendly. We were captioning the day we received our system”
– Kevin Reeve, Utah State University

The Media Concierge
“I want to thank you and your staff for the fantastic service… Honestly, I’m blown away by you guys”
– Trevor Tyre, The Media Concierge

Caption Perfect, Inc.
“It’s as if the software were designed by a captioner, not a programmer. Caption features are presented in a very intuitive manner”
– Burwell Ware, Caption Perfect Inc.

Line 21 Media Services LTD.
“CPC/Telestream is deservedly the industry go-to for professional captioning and subtitling solutions”
– Kelly A.D. Maxwell, Director, Line 21 Media Services Ltd.

Wisconsin Public Television
“I really appreciate CPC/Telestream for their clear, concise, and direct technical support, as well as their responsiveness to customers’ needs. It does not go unnoticed”
– Irene Ekleberry, Wisconsin Public Television

Shooters Post & Transfer
“CPC/Telestream software improves our captioning workflow and helps us give our clients the service they demand”
– Laura Pappanicholas, Shooters Post & Transfer

“I have to say that in my 10+ years of working in broadcast software and hardware that CPC/Telestream has the best tech support I’ve ever seen”
– Chuck Thomas, themovieguy.com

ADR International
“We have received excellent technical support. CPC/Telestream has always been there for us, with knowledgeable support staff, providing answers in language we can understand”
– Jeff Johnson, ADR International

CaptionMaker | MacCaption

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