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Create Captions

The fastest and simplest way to author and edit closed captions and subtitles for any type of video. Take advantage of the same powerful yet easy to use captioning software trusted by top industry professionals.

Encode Captions

Export closed captions directly into broadcast and web media files, as well as a broad range of caption file formats, with industry-leading format creation and conversion support. Troubleshoot and QC your captioned media files.

Automate Processing

Automate high volume caption processing tasks such as insertion and extraction, format conversion, time and frame rate adjustment, sub-clipping and clip assembly. Combine with Vantage for powerful automated captioning workflows.

Closed Captioning Solutions

Learn what's new with the latest version of ScreenFlow screencasting and video editing software

Broadcast and VOD

Meet all FCC regulations for both TV and internet closed captioning with the industry’s leading support for CEA-708 caption file formats, QC and troubleshooting of caption files, plus automated adjustments and conversions.
Add more WOW to your screencasting projects

Content Producers

Solve the challenges of modern content production, editing, delivery, and archival while maintaining the highest quality closed captions and subtitles.
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Corporate / Government

Accommodate your employees’ accessibility needs without compromising security or confidentiality, and ensure compliance with all legal requirements such as Section 508 and the ADA.
Learn what's new with the latest version of ScreenFlow screencasting and video editing software


Enhance the accessibility and value of your recorded lessons without breaking your budget. Provide learning opportunities for high demand job skills to your students interested in broadcast and media production.
High Quality Captioning

e-Captioning™ engine

This revolutionary technology integrates with digital production systems to prepare and encode both standard and high definition video with FCC-compliant video captions.

  • Encode closed captions to any file or tape format
  • Export captions from NLEs or DVD authoring systems
  • Embed captions into Web and mobile content
  • Extract captions from tapes, files, or live broadcasts
  • Email captions to your clients
  • Edit closed captions in a non-linear interface with batch conversion and automated workflows
  • Enhance your closed captions with true CEA-708 features supported by ATSC DTV
Workflows for Closed Captioning

Closed captioning for any PC or Mac workflow

Closed captioning for file based workflows, web and mobile, NLEs, assembly and media management, live broadcast and webcast, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Fast and Efficient Closed Captioning

Fast, efficient processing

MacCaption and CaptionMaker provide an efficient way for you to comply with federal regulations while maintaining fast delivery of time-sensitive captioned video material.

  • Use existing NLEs, capture cards and video servers
  • Begin preparing your closed captions while you are editing
  • Convert closed captions to subtitles and webcast formats
  • Standards convert closed captions
  • Batch encode closed captions for any standard
  • Prepare closed captions for any resolution

Automatic Time Stamping of Closed Captions

Automatic Time Stamping

Our Auto Time Stamp (ATS) feature dramatically reduces the time it takes to time stamp your closed captions.

Closed captioning for any workflow

Captioning Workflow

File-based Workflows

Use our products to embed closed captioning directly into files, including: MPEG-2 Program and Transport Streams, MXF, QuickTime, MCC, and more. File-based video servers and Manzanita multiplexers for CableLabs VOD are also supported.

Closed Captions for Web and Mobile

Our software provides the flexibility to create closed captions for all the popular web and mobile formats, including: HTML5, YouTube, Flash, QuickTime, iTunes, and Windows Media. It also converts existing closed captions into web formats.

HD captioning for leading NLEs

MacCaption and CaptionMaker are the only software products that enable the HD closed captioning functions of Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer & Symphony, and Final Cut Pro. You can edit and output HD and SD closed captions to tape, file, disc, mobile devices, and the web. Output caption support is also provided from most other NLE timelines directly to SD tape.

Harness the power of your video systems

Most popular NLE systems and capture cards accept Telestream encoded caption files and map the data to the proper location in the HD or SD video signal. We also support popular playout servers.

Caption Assembly and Media Management

Extract closed captions from previously captioned video and re-export them to a variety of formats. Captions can automatically be conformed to match an edit decision list (EDL), or you can manually edit existing closed captions in an easy-to-use interface. Software even supports batch conversion and CLI scripting for automated workflows.

Live Broadcast and Live Webcast

Use our software with a hardware encoder to caption a live broadcast or to live text stream to a web site. Or, use it to caption live Windows Media webcasts. Captions can be input via speech recognition software or stenograph.

DVD and Blu-Ray

MacCaption and CaptionMaker work with all professional authoring programs, allowing you to create closed captions and subtitles for DVD and subtitles for Blu-ray.


Not only does our software create closed captions, but it is also an advanced subtitle creation and export tool.

Automatic Time Stamping

About Auto Time Stamp

To caption a video, you need a transcript. Then you need to synchronize, or time stamp, the transcript so that each phrase is displayed at the right time. In the past, synchronizing captions was a labor-intensive, time consuming process. Your options were limited to doing the time stamping yourself, or paying a service on a recurring basis to do it for you.

Telestream offers an Auto Time Stamp (ATS) feature for our post production closed captioning software. This feature is a huge time saver for organizations who need to caption a large volume of videos for which transcripts are available. Automatic time stamping won't always be as accurate as a human being, but since it identifies potential problem areas in the file, you can achieve the accuracy of a human being without the tedium of manually timing the entire video. This can also help you quickly identify any discrepancies in the transcript.

ATS works very well for videos such as (but not limited to): speeches, lectures, presentations, meetings, training videos, etc. which have clean audio. It does not work as well if the audio has already been mixed with music or sound effects, so it is isn't recommended for captioning dramatic content, music videos, videos with lots of background noise or low fidelity audio, such as telephone or VoIP recordings.


  • An accurate transcript.
  • A video with a high quality audio track (i.e. good signal-to-noise ratio).
  • CaptionMaker or MacCaption software


  • Automatically synchronizes each caption; no need to manually time stamp captions. (This labor-saving option takes MacCaption's and CaptionMaker's existing feature of automatically breaking unformatted text into captions to the next level of automation).
  • The process is much faster than real-time (15 times to 30 times faster, depending on the speed of your computer).
  • The software automatically detects captions with poor synchronization and highlights them in red, so you can spot check and manually correct these captions if you so choose.

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