Automatic transcription service in over 100 languages for closed captioning and subtitling projects

What’s the first step in captioning & subtitling workflows? Getting an audio transcription with timing.

That’s why we created Timed Text Speech, a Telestream Cloud service that uses cutting edge speech-to-text-technology to quickly and easily create a timed transcript in over 100 languages directly within your CaptionMaker or MacCaption project.

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Timed Text Speech Solutions

Captioning Service Companies

Auto-transcription with speech-to-text technology speeds up transcription and captioning service workflows.

Content creators

Addresses cases where time-sensitive material for TV or Internet airing needs captions and there’s no time to wait for an outside transcription service. Also addresses short form content, such as promos, that need captioning.

Corporations, Government & Education

Fast, efficient, cost-effective way to transcribe videos for those who want to bring captioning in-house.

Key Benefits to using MacCaption & CaptionMaker with Timed Text Speech

Streamline your projects by having instant text results with timing sent directly to your captioning or subtitling project in CaptionMaker or MacCaption

Get text results faster than real time – save time by reviewing results while the speech engine continues processing

Pay-as-you go price model – no wasted expense for idle transcription resources

Reduce corrections by providing a list of vocabulary words and phrases

Speech engine supports multilingual transcription

You can also use the Timed Text Speech service directly on the Telestream Cloud website. Note: Timed Text Speech produces transcription files in a variety of formats (e.g. SRT); however, you will need CaptionMaker or MacCaption to use that timed text to produce finished, compliant captions in your video.

MacCaption and CaptionMaker with Timed Text Speech offer more than just a speech-to-text solution. Delivering captioned video to TV and Internet requires formatting, encoding, video transcode, and automated delivery. Telestream software has all the tools to create a true end-to-end solution for the video professional.

If you already own CaptionMaker or MacCaption, with version 7 or later, you can access the Timed Text Speech service directly by using the menu selection within your application.

If you don't own CaptionMaker or MacCaption software, you can download a free trial and put Timed Text Speech to the test.

Why use Timed Text Speech within MacCaption and CaptionMaker?

MacCaption and CaptionMaker with Timed Text Speech for closed captioning and subtitling streamlines these workflows. By automatically generating a timed transcript (converting audio voice into text), users can finish captioning and subtitling projects faster and more efficiently. Using Timed Text Speech auto-transcription software means cost savings for those who have very tight deadlines for delivering captioned video. With speech-to-text captioning technology, content producers can now consider adding captioning to their existing post production workflows.

Telestream captioning solutions go beyond generating text from media files. Our software tools also automatically convert raw text and timing into TV and Internet standards-compliant captioning data that is ready for delivery.

Users can automatically create a timed transcript, review results, and embed caption and subtitle data into video files. In addition, our software can export caption and subtitle files in a variety of formats including: SCC, MCC, EBU-STL, SRT, WebVTT, SMPTE 2052, IMSC 1.0, TTML and burn-in subtitles.

Timed Text Speech is an essential software tool if you’re required to add captions and subtitles to video transcoding workflows.

How it works in 5 easy steps

1 Load your video into a MacCaption or CaptionMaker project

2 One click sends an audio stream from your program to the Timed Text Speech service at Telestream Cloud (no video is transferred)

3 The timed transcript immediately starts downloading into your project on-the-fly

4 MacCaption & CaptionMaker tools help you efficiently review and edit the results

5 Export final CC file for video transcoding and delivery

Text and timing results populate on-the-fly as audio is being processed. Users can review and edit results as they come into their CaptionMaker or MacCaption or project.

Learn more about Captioning

Simplify video captioning and subtitling in any digital workflow with MacCaption and CaptionMaker from Telestream. Create and edit, encode into media and automate processing for all of your captioning and subtitling projects.

Learn more about Timed Text Speech

Instantly create highly accurate captions and subtitles using speech to text technology. Timed Text Speech uses the speed of cloud-based processing and machine learning to give you text results instantly. It’s fast, easy to use and cost effective.