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A Message from our Founder and CEO Dan Castles

Telestream is a company founded upon the belief that a group of individuals working effectively together as a team will always outperform a group of hardworking individuals. This company is about “us” and “we” not about “I.” We are focused on our customers and are organized in our approach to how we provide them with leading edge, yet practical solutions for which they will gladly pay the company.

Telestream fosters a work environment where people can have fun while working hard and believes the constructive challenging of ideas will lead to a stronger team and, ultimately, better products and services for our customers. Your egos are to be left outside the door each morning as we enter the workplace.

If a company wants great products, they must first start with hiring talented, motivated people, equip them properly, and help them focus on the projects which have clearly established goals and have been appropriately defined and staffed.

We use open, honest communication between employees and our customers, allowing us to constantly assess our progress toward our goals. We do not intentionally mislead each other, our investors, suppliers, customers, or the community in which we live. We are proud of what we do and who we are. We strive to be a responsible entity within the local community. We also want to be viewed as an emerging force within the markets we serve; a company who has successfully changed the way a wide range of people can go about their daily business.

Finally, we recognize that Telestream is funded with dollars that, for the most part, came from people who don’t really know us, or us know them. Therefore, the development of trust is of the utmost importance. Investors are trusting us to use their investment to attain the goals we have established. They trust us to be prudent stewards of their money and, in the end, provide them with appropriate returns on their investment. They have faith in us that we can actually do the things we say we can do. As they say in the world of sports, “the ball is in our hands.”

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