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NAB 2011 Products & New Features Introduced

Be sure to watch our NAB 2011 Interviews & Demos for each product below



Enterprise-class workflow design, automation and management software; revolutionizes video capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata processing & delivery

  • Supports any file format, integrates with today’s major video systems
  • Automates hundreds of common video workflows, out of the box
  • Scales to thousands of workflows in a clustered server environment
  • New! Introduced Vantage Enterprise system management products for large-scale or mission critical workflows
    Vantage Enterprise Control – workflow management layer & suite of tools
    Vantage Master Control – higher-tier management layer adds visibility and centralized process control
  • New! Vantage LCS for Agility 2G provides a bridge between these products
  • New! ProRes & Adaptive Streaming encoding
  • New! Enhanced system support for: Leitch IMX encoding, Omneon QT IMX encoding, Ikegami GF camera MXF decoding, XDCAM HD video QT encoding, EVS DNxHD and DVCProHD
  • New! QuickTime 608 and 708 caption encoding & decoding
  • New! More Avid support for Avid Interplay 2.3 and AVC-Intra video; native generation of AAF & OpAtom MXF files
  • New! 608 to 708 up-conversion; generation of SCC files and timed text XML files; EBU R-128 audio analysis; AFD analysis and caption analysis
  • New! for Vantage Analysis: frame accurate calculation of content duration for all supported input file types; aspect ratio flag detection from MXF headers; QuickTime, GXF, LXF, Program Stream and Transport Stream file types

Vantage Product Demo


John Pallett
Director Enterprise Product Mktg

3 min 41 secs

Watch Vantage demo with John Pallett

Vantage Product Interview


Josh McMahon
Enterprise Pre-Sales Engineer

2 min 30 secs

Watch Vantage interview with Josh McMahon



Enterprise-class on-demand video production and management software

  • New! Vantage LCS for Agility 2G provides a bridge to Vantage, expanding capabilities
  • New! Format support for Adobe Adaptive Streaming, Panasonic AVC-Intra ingest & JPEG 2000 ingest
  • New! Avalon support for Brightcove ADM & CableLabs ADM
  • Produce and publish from any video source to any outlet
  • Automate and customize outlet-sensitive media enhancements
  • Utilize the fullest range of advanced, enterprise-quality production technology
  • Ensure reliability and unmatched performance and scalability
  • Deploy quickly and integrate seamlessly with existing systems
  • Avalon adds metadata ingest, creation and packaging

Agility Product Demo


Jim Duval
Director Product Management

6 min 18 secs

Watch Agility demo with Jim Duval



Automated transcoding and media/metadata delivery between all leading formats & systems

  • Integrated HD broadcast and NLE Workflows
  • Content repurposing for web, mobile, IPTV…
  • Dolby E decoding and pass-through
  • Seamless Screen Subtitling integration
  • Hands-free processing; 24/7 reliability
  • New! ProRes & Adaptive Streaming encoding
  • New! Enhanced system support for Leitch IMX & Omneon QuickTime IMX encoding, Ikegami GF camera MXF file decoding, HDCAM HD QuickTime, EVS DNxHD & DVCProHD, plus additional support for Avid Interplay 2.3 and AVC-Intra
  • New! 608 and 708 up-conversion & MXF stitching
  • New! Significant speed improvements when converting Pitch Blue content to MPEG-2 broadcast formats
  • New! Monitoring support for Javelin Content Delivery System – for TrafficManager & AdManager for Cable


A new generation multiformat software encoder offering for Mac/PC; exclusive
One-Click Clustering™ with integrated file sharing plus desktop to server scalability

  • Repurpose media for web, mobile, edit
  • Optimized for speed & quality
    ◊  Hands-on, 10-bit processing
    ◊  Parallel encoding & Split-and-Stitch
  • Scalable from desktop to server
  • FTP delivery & automatic publishing to YouTube
  • New! ProRes encoding on Episode Engine for Windows

Episode 6 Product Demo


Johan Skaneby
Episode Applications Specialist

7 min 34 secs

Watch Episode 6 demo with Johan Skaneby



Network-accessible video capture and playout device

  • Capture video from tape or live sources
  • Fast edit or transcode while capture
  • Ingest directly into Avid or Final Cut
  • Schedule, Log/Capture, Print-to-Tape and Automated control UI
  • Single or multi-channel SD & HD capture & playout to tape
  • Multiple codec and wrapper support
  • New! Vantage and Agility Publish plug-ins
  • New! Full 64-bit OS support on Windows
  • New! Support for DVCPro50, and Apple Pro Res LT/Proxy video codecs
  • New! Avid Interplay AAF+MXF web service notification
  • New! Support for VANC data in MXF OP1a HD files (SMPTE 436M)
  • New! Support for Dolby-E data in MXF OP1a files via pass through (SMPTE 382M)
  • New! Custom metadata label editor with Side Car XML plug-in for delivering XML metadata
  • New! Video Wall preview panel for monitoring all active Pipeline sessions on your host system
  • New! Support for MXF OP1a play out of Print to Tape and Controlled Playout
  • New! Controlled Playout control interface (Virtual VTR)
    ◊  Create play list for controlled playout
    ◊  Control via external RS422, manual or Web Service API

Pipeline Product Demo


Bill Harris
Product Manager - Pipeline

5 min 10 secs

Watch interview with Bill Harris



Advanced live production software for Mac/PC – under $1,000
offers new backgrounds, foregrounds, scoreboards, lower thirds

  • Real-time switching between multiple cameras
  • Virtual sets, lower thirds, titles, transitions ...
  • Stream: Flash, H.264, VP6, WM, QT
  • Intuitive UI, more backgrounds, foregrounds & scoreboards
  • Integrated support for more Blackmagic cards
    ◊  Watch Blackmagic Designs partner interview
  • New! Audio support in Wirecast Desktop Presenter
    ◊  Enables support for Skype or any chat client audio sources
  • New! LiveU video-over-cellular 3G/4G portable backpack integration
    ◊  Bi-directional integration: LiveU to Wirecast (Windows only) and Wirecast to LiveU (Mac & Win)
    ◊  Watch LiveU partner interview
  • New! Teradek integration: make any camera wireless (Wirecast Pro only)
  • New! Matrox Multi-Ingest capture card integration enables 4 simultaneous HD-SDI inputs (Mac only)
    ◊  Watch Matrox partner interview
  • New! Viewcast Osprey capture integration for 450e & 700e cards (Windows only)
    ◊  Watch Viewcast partner interview

Wirecast Product Demo


Eric Norrell
Desktop Products Specialist

15 min 47 secs

Watch Wirecast demo with Eric Norrell

Wirecast Product Interview


Filippa Hasselström
Desktop Products Mktg Manager

9 min 29 secs

Watch Wirecast interview with Filippa Hasselström


Wirecast/Pipeline Product Interview


Mitch Jacobson
Video Editor/Producer,
Category 5 Entertainment
7 min 56 secs

Watch Wirecast/Pipeline interview with Mitch Jacobson


Telestream Company Executives Interviews

Dan Castles
CEO, Telestream

4 min 35 secs

Watch interview with Dan Castles


Barb DeHart
Vice President, Marketing

3 min 34 secs

Watch interview with Barb DeHart


Steve Ellis
Vice President, Worldwide Sales

4 min 53 secs

Watch interview with Steve Ellis


Anna Greco
Vice President, Client Services

3 min 58 secs

Watch interview with Anna Greco


Other Interviews

Alan Repech
Marcom Manager, Telestream

2 min 59 secs

Watch interview with Alan Repech


Lynn Elliott
Marketing Specialist, Telestream

5 min 18 secs

Watch interview with Lynn Elliott


Nick Kayworth
Apps. Consultant, Telestream

3 min 14 secs

Watch interview with Nick Hayworth


Debbie Newhouse
Inside Sales Mngr, Telestream

2 min 09 secs

Watch interview with Debbie Newhouse


Darren Kitchen & Paul Tobias
Co-hosts of Hak5

8 min 43 secs

Watch interview with Hak5


Telestream Partners Interviews

Dan May
President, Blackmagic Designs

9 min 38 secs

Watch interview with Dan May of Blackmagic Designs


Jenn Guerriero
Account Manager, Brightcove

5 min 07 secs

Watch interview with Jenn Guerriero of Brightcove


Ken Zamkow
Sales & Marketing, LiveU

11 min 35 secs

Watch interview with LiveU


Dan Maloney
Tech Marketing Manager, Matrox

14 min 55 secs

Watch interview with Dan Maloney of Matrox


Dave Stoner
CEO, Viewcast

7 min 38 secs

Watch interview with Dave Stoner of Viewcast


John West
Wowza Media Systems

4 min 46 secs

Watch interview with John West of Wowza