What's New – NAB 2012 Product Announcements
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Enterprise-class video transcoding, workflow, automation and management software

  • Video transcoding
  • World-class workflow automation
  • Powerful system management
  • New Product: Vantage Transcode HE Server
    ◊  Accelerates transcoding & packaging for multiscreen delivery: OTT, Web, mobile, IPTV
    ◊  Superior x264 encoding
    ◊  High fan-out encoding to multiple bitrates
    ◊  Adaptive bitrate packaging for Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, MPEG-DASH
    ◊  High-density transcoding in 1 RU server
    ◊  Distribution directly to origin servers or CDNs
    ◊  Accelerated with new Telestream LightSpeed™ technology
  • New: Vantage 4.0 for transcoding software products
    ◊  Advanced video processing:
        •  16-bit 4:4:4:4, YUV image quality
        •  Improved up/down/cross conversion, deinterlacing
    ◊  x264 and ASO2 encoding
    ◊  LightSpeed™ acceleration of video processing & x264 encoding
  • New: Vantage 4.0for workflow products
    ◊  Loudness measurement/correction
        •  CALM Act compliance, EBU R128/BS1770-2, dialog detection
    ◊  Closed captioning for Internet-delivered video
        •  21st Century Comms & Video Accessibility Act compliance
    ◊  Advanced Avid Option for encoding & delivery to Avid Interplay
    ◊  Screen MediaMate integration for deeper subtitling and captioning capabilities
    ◊  Web workflow portals


Multiformat software encoding for Mac and PC offering desktop to server scalability

  • Highest quality transcoding in its class, designed for the entire digital post-production workflow
  • Remarkable encoding speeds: Optimized codecs, multi-thread processing, parallel and Split-and-Stitch® distributed encoding
  • Hands-on control: Fine-tune your video with frame-by-frame video preview and/or set up automated workflows 
  • Cross-platform scalability: Easy and affordable One-Click Clustering™ and built-in file sharing
  • New: x264 encoding for faster, higher quality H.264
  • New: Direct Autodesk (Smoke/Flame) integration - monitor or encode directly from finishing systems
  • New: Direct export from Adobe Premiere Pro using new plug-in


Network-accessible video capture and playout device

  • Capture video from tape or live sources
  • Fast edit or transcode while capture
  • Ingest directly into Avid or Final Cut systems
  • Schedule, log/capture, print-to-tape and automated control UI
  • Single or multi-channel SD & HD capture & playout to tape

New: Pipeline Replay multichannel video player application

  • Combines with Pipeline HD to provide capture and instant synchronous playback of dozens of multi-angle high-definition camera feeds
  • Search and review the entire timeline of an event in HD
  • Easily locate and scrub through any portion of the video
  • Ultrafast: view real-time action
  • Repurpose media for editing, transcoding, creation of highlights, multi-screen delivery
  • Ideal for sports officials and event analysis
  • Cost effective and easy to use


Enterprise-class on-demand video production and management software

  • Featuring Vantage LCS bridge which provides Vantage access and control from within existing Agility 2G installations; expands capabilities to include QC, analysis, direct-encode of non-transcoded files, closed captioning, and more
  • Automates and customizes outlet-sensitive media enhancements
  • Utilizes the fullest range of advanced, enterprise-quality production technology
  • Deploys quickly and integrates seamlessly with existing systems
  • Avalon adds metadata ingest, creation and packaging


Automated transcoding and media/metadata delivery between leading formats & systems

  • Extensive video/audio format support and deep system integration
  • Integrated HD broadcast and NLE Workflows
  • Content repurposing for web, mobile, IPTV...
  • Hands-free processing; 24/7 reliability
  • New: CALM Act support – coming soon
  • New: iTunes features for movie submission
  • New: Improved monitoring capabilities


All-in-one live streaming production software

  • Ideal for streaming live events: news, sports, concerts, church services, meetings, and more
  • Capture live video from multiple cameras, capture cards and other input sources
  • Switch between live feeds and other imported video, audio, graphics and slides
  • Add production polish with titles, PiP, scoreboards, chroma key and more
  • Integrated multiformat encoding (Flash, QT, WM) for live streaming flexibility
  • Stream to multiple destinations and bitrates simultaneously
  • Unrivaled stability and reliability
  • Cross-platform software for Mac and PC