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Products Featured at NAB 2013


GPU accelerated transcoding for every screen plus the world’s most intelligent workflow orchestration.

  • Unparalleled transcoding speed, quality & GPU acceleration
  • Simplifies media conversion and distribution for broadcast, cable, post, IPTV, OTT, multiscreen
  • Supports all major formats & systems, including adaptive bit-rate streaming
  • Automates video processing, metadata management, media analysis, device interoperability
  • Unifies processes and 3rd party integrations within a simple UI
  • Scales from standalone to large, multi-server systems

Multiscreen: GPU accelerated content preparation for Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, MPEG-DASH & Ultraviolet

  • New! See our fully integrated HEVC encoding in Vantage Transcode Multiscreen

IPTV and Cable: Reduced bit rate, increased quality, faster turnaround, lower transmission cost

  • New! Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD, fully accelerated IPTV and cable VOD encoder

Broadcasting: Transcoding at Lightspeed for all major broadcast servers

  • New! Support for AS-11, AS-02 in Vantage Transcode Pro

Archiving & Production: GPU accelerated standards conversion, inverse telecine & transcoding for edit systems

  • New! Tachyon integration and fully integrated Quality Control workflows

New for Vantage Workflow Orchestration: Best in class partner integrations

  • File-based standards conversion with Tachyon
  • High-speed digital delivery with Aspera
  • GPU accelerated QC with Digimetrics Aurora
  • File-based QC with Baton
  • Watermarking with Civolution

Introducing: Vantage Cloud: Run all the capabilities of Vantage in the cloud

  • GPU or CPU transcoding, analysis, automated decision making, 3rd party system integrations
  • Easily unifies with on-premise systems
  • Dynamic scalability based on real-time demand
  • Instant provisioning with pay-as-you-go pricing at Amazon Web Services


Scalable network video capture and playout

  • Capture video from tape or live sources
  • Fast turnaround edit or transcode while capture
  • Real-time, user-selectable encoding to multiple formats
  • Ingest directly into Avid or Final Cut systems
  • Schedule, log/capture, print-to-tape and automated control UI
  • Multi-channel SD/HD capture & playout to tape

Pipeline Replay multichannel video player application

  • Instant synchronous playback of dozens of multi-angle HD camera feeds
  • Ideal for sports & live event analysis


Live streaming production software

  • Ideal for streaming live events: news, sports, concerts, church services, meetings, and more
  • Capture live video from multiple cameras, capture cards and other input sources
  • Switch between live feeds and other imported video, audio, graphics and slides
  • Add production polish with titles, PiP, scoreboards, chroma key and more
  • Integrated multiformat encoding (Flash, QT, WM) for live streaming flexibility
  • Teradek plugin with support for Teradek Cube, Bond and the Sputnik solution
  • Stream to multiple destinations and bitrates simultaneously
  • Unrivaled stability and reliability
  • Cross-platform software for Mac and PC

New: Complete Turnkey Solutions featuring Wirecast & Matrox VS4

  • High-quality, multicamera live video production with up to 4 HD-SDI feeds.
  • Records all video feeds independently for post-event editing and future archiving.

New: Increased flexibility with virtual camera output

  • Enables Wirecast output to be picked up directly as a video source by any device or software that takes a camera source, such as Skype and Google Hangouts.

New: XOS Scoreboard plugin for live sports webcasts

  • Display real-time detailed scoreboard data including game clock, countdown clock, down, distance, field position, fouls, and more.


Multiformat software encoding

  • Integration with axle 1.0 media management software enabling access to Episode's single or multi-system transcoding clusters from within the axle interface.
  • New! Optimized for even higher volume workflows
  • New! Support for .SCC and H.264 web captions
  • New! Easy-to-use API documentation with examples
  • New! Video rotate filter adding more filters to your toolbox
  • New! Sub folder deployment enabling automated mirroring of complex folder structures


Automated transcoding and media/metadata delivery

  • Extensive video/audio format & system support
  • Content repurposing for web, mobile, IPTV
  • Hands-free processing; 24/7 reliability