Telestream News – 2010

TechTalkRadio talks to Craig Seeman, about the latest version of Wirecast – 11/23/2010

Automating critical video processes
Telestream’s John Pallett reports on the need to develop automated media workflow processes, and introduces “Vantage which allows the user to build up workflows to meet their own unique needs, using a simple graphical user interface to create fully automated operations.” – IBE, Sep/Oct 2010

Want to find the network innovating with video for every platform?
ABC has been the first network on virtually every new platform. Here is how their workflow has evolved [using Telestream Episode encoding software] to reach viewers, wherever and however they’re watching. – Creative Cow magazine – August 2010

Telestream Buys Anystream
Widening their banks in video streaming potential, Telestream announced plans to buy the business operations of the Anystream division of Grab Networks - Red Herring – Aug 17, 2010

Telestream Grabs Anystream
Glen Dickson reports: "deal will bolster its transcoding" – Broadcasting & Cable – Aug 13, 2010

Telestream To Acquire Anystream Business From Grab Networks
"This is a perfect fit for Telestream's core business and allows them to continue their push into the enterprise vertical." – Streaming Media by Dan Rayburn – Aug 13, 2010

Innovations in video workflow management
"Technology that allows the design, management and automation of video workflows has become extremely valuable." – TVB Europe, August 2010

The top 28 most important Mac apps of all time
"What are the most important Mac apps of all time? … Flip4Mac makes the list - Mac Daily News – August 6, 2010

The WebM Basics – What is WebM?
Troy Dreier spoke to Telestream CTO, Shawn Carnahan to find out. –, May 21, 2010

Guiding video workflow
Video workflow management in an IT-based environment is more than just making data available (feature article by John Pallett, Telestream Vantage product manager). – Broadcast Engineering – April, 2010

Computer America Discusses Flip4Mac WMV with Barb DeHart
Business talk radio host Craig Crossman discusses Telestream Flip4Mac WMV. – April 19, 2010
Listen to the one hour podcast

Digital Producion BuZZ reports from NAB
Listen to Larry Jordan’s podcast interview which begins with Telestream’s VP of Marketing, Barbara DeHart, who discusses the company’s new compression products. – April 16, 2010

Telestream Thrives on Delivering Multiplatform, Multichannel Efficiency
SVG Sports Video Group – April 11, 2010

Telestream says 12 years of double-digit growth to continue as broadcasters look for ways to cut costs
Fierce Online Video – April 12, 2010

John Pallett demonstrates Vantage on Broadcast Engineering TV
Telestream demonstrates Vantage, an enterprise-class video workflow design and automation software solution that performs video capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata processing, graphics assembly and video file management. – April 14, 2010

CBS Taps Telestream for PitchBlue Project
CBS’s 29 O&O stations use FlipFactory software to automate syndicated delivery of PitchBlue content.
Broadcasting & Cable – April 12, 2010

Comcast Media Center's AdDelivery Automates and Simplifies Spot Ingest With Telestream
Comcast Media Center's Radiance division has integrated with Telestream's digital media workflow system to simplify the distribution of HD and SD advertising spots to broadcast and cable companies. – Multichannel News – February 8, 2010

10 Things to Consider When Encoding Video for Distribution to Multiple Platforms 
In today’s fast paced digital world, the adoption of file-based video encoding technologies for content creation and distribution is happening at an accelerated rate. Today’s encoding solutions, which compress or convert video and audio between a variety of formats, must accommodate the needs of a broad array of customers — from the casual at-home user to the video expert and industry professional. Internet Video Magazine – January 6, 2010