Broadcast Automation Partners

offers affordable, high-performance software solutions for television automation through an innovative product range. Solutions include systems for streamlining on-air newsroom operations, comprehensive on-air control of video servers and other systems, content browsing, event sequencing; and server-based commercial insertion. With a strong commitment to technology and deep roots in all aspects of broadcasting, Avid products are in use in broadcast facilities worldwide. Avid's asset management system utilizes Telestream's FlipFactory Pro to automatically generate frame-accurate proxies from content on the broadcast server.

Encoda Systems Automation Division is delivering mission critical solutions for the broadcast industry to enable integrated management of the digital media supply chain. Encoda's high availability automation architecture and real-time operating system offer the industry's most scalable and robust multi-channel automation system on the market. Encoda Automation solutions automate over 4000 channels in 29 countries around the world. Telestream and Encoda Systems provide metadata exchange between Telestream's FlipFactory TrafficManager and Encoda's Dual Content Manager, streamlining broadcast workflows from acquisition to playout.
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, the technical leader in TV automation, provides powerful and reliable satellite acquisition, media asset management and on-air presentation automation. By using sophisticated asset management techniques, Florical provides its customers with the most powerful and efficient TV automation systems available to the Broadcast Industry. Florical systems range from a simple single channel to large, multi-channel, fully redundant ShareCasting operations. Customers include cable networks, network O&O’s, network affiliates, school systems and PBS stations. Telestream’s FlipFactory TrafficManager streamlines transfer of assets to broadcast video servers for play-to-air from edge servers and editing systems for Florical’s automation systems.


Corporation's Broadcast Communications Division is the world's leading supplier of products and end-to-end systems for the digital delivery of automation and management of radio and television broadcasting. Setting the pace in the transition from analog to digital technology, Harris offers a complete range of studio, program transport and transmission products and systems. Harris has integrated elements of Telestream’s FlipFactory TrafficManager into the Harris Resource Suite to provide automated digital ingest.


OmniBus Systems, Inc
. is a wholly owned subsidiary of OmniBus Systems, Ltd. OmniBus Systems provides broadcasters worldwide with comprehensive automation and asset management solutions that address every area of a television facility and deliver wide-ranging customer benefits and cost-savings across the full spectrum of operational processes. OmniBus Systems Ltd. is a worldwide company with headquarters in the UK and offices in Germany, Asia, and the United States. Telestream’s FlipFactory TrafficManager improves the broadcast station workflow by automatically notifying OmniBus solutions when content has been deposited on the broadcast server for on-air playout. More information is available at