Editing & Media Servers Partners

Avid Technology, Inc. is the world leader in digital nonlinear media creation, management anddistribution solutions, enabling film, video, audio, animation, games, and broadcast news professionals to work more efficiently, productively, and creatively. Telestream FlipFactory and ClipMail seamlessly integrate with Avid editing and news solutions to automatically ingest content from legacy systems and content delivery services and reformat outbound media for delivery to production servers, on-air servers and other systems. Telestream Launch (formerly MAPone) enables remote news submission via IP directly from field laptops running Avid applications. For more detailed information about Telestream and Avid product integration, click here. For more information about Avid's award-winning products and services, visit: www.avid.com

C-COR is a worldwide leader in providing On-Demand media systems (VOD) and Digital Advertising Systems - hardware, software, applications and integration - for cable operators and telecommunications network providers. C-COR simplifies the deployment of On-Demand content and digital ad insertion systems with the most powerful, scalable, and comprehensive set of management and technical business tools. C-COR offers the only server architecture in the market with the scalability to deliver up to 53,000 simultaneous streams from a single site, meeting the demands of VOD today and the future content needs of Everything-On-Demand tomorrow. Telestream's FlipFactory transcodes content into VOD formats for management/distribution by C-COR . www.c-cor.com

EVS Broadcast Equipment manufactures a range of broadcast video solutions and re-transmission solutions, including its versatile MPEG2-DVB Servers as well as a series of broadcast devices, including time delay, spot insertion and flow control applications. Based in Liege (Belgium), EVS Broadcast Equipment has operations in the United States, Hong Kong, France, UK, Italy, Argentina and Brazil. The company is quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange since 1998 and had a gross revenue of 37.7 Million Euros in fiscal 2000. Telestream's FlipFactory Pro now supports EVS' LBS MPEG and MJPEG server, offering transcoding and exchange of files between the LBS and streaming servers, NLE's and other broadcast servers. www.evs.tv

Grass Valley/Thomson is the leading provider of technology and service solutions for integrated entertainment and media companies. By capitalizing on and expanding its leadership positions at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology, Thomson provides end-to-end solutions to content creators, video network operators, manufacturers and retailers through its Technicolor, Grass Valley, THOMSON and RCA brands. Thomson's Video Network Solutions division develops video and film technologies, products and services sold to all major Hollywood studios, all major television, satellite, and cable broadcasters under the Technicolor and Grass Valley brand-names for the delivery of analog and digital entertainment. Telestream's FlipFactory Pro integrates with Grass Valley Profile media servers, providing transcoding between digital formats as well as exchange between other devices. Telestream's Launch (formerly MAPone) integrates with the Grass Valley NewsEdit LT to enable remote newsgathering from the news edit laptop. For more about Grass Valley: www.thomsongrassvalley.com. Read about theJoint Newsgathering Solution.

Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has annual sales of about $4 billion and more than 14,000 employees — including more than 6,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications™ products, systems, and services for global markets, including government communications, RF communications, broadcast communications, and wireless transmission network solutions. Telestream's FlipFactory products integrate with the VR Series, Nexio and DVR Series video servers to provide compatibility with legacy systems and conversion to new media formats.  www.harris.com.

Matrox Video Products Group is a technology and market leader in the field of digital video hardware and software for realtime editing, DVD authoring, and web streaming applications. Matrox's Emmy award-winning technology powers a full range of content creation and delivery platforms used by television broadcasters, post-production facilities, project studios, corporate communicators, event videographers, and video enthusiasts worldwide. Telestream’s FlipFactory provides decode support for Matrox files, providing Matrox users with automated, scalable transcoding to streaming formats for the Web and universal file exchange between digital formats and systems. www.matrox.com

Omneon Video Networks
provides infrastructure for new media. Omneon's Networked Content Server System is a highly scalable, data-type independent, shared-storage infrastructure. The solution is a platform that supports third-party software applications for control and transmission, media management, archive, and collaborative production. Omneon systems are used by content producers and distributors for simultaneous program creation and re-purposing for any type of distribution method. This open systems architecture, known as a VIDEO AREA NETWORK, enables facilities to ingest, route, store, share and distribute digital media-comprised of audio, video, and any type of related data. Telestream's FlipFactory Pro works with Omneon to provide an integrated, scalable system to repurpose broadcast content for the web. www.omneon.com

SeaChange International, Inc.
is the world leader in digital video systems. The Company creates powerful server and software systems that manage, store and distribute professional quality digital video. SeaChange's innovative products are based on a scaleable, distributed software architecture and standard technology components to continually deliver exponential improvements in digital video cost-performance. As a result, SeaChange enables broadband, broadcast, satellite and new media companies to streamline operations and reduce costs, allowing for expanded services, new applications and increased revenues. Telestream's FlipFactory Pro works with the SeaChange Broadcast MediaCluster to provide transcoding between other devices, including streaming servers. Also, FlipFactory can flip files on to SeaChange's popular family of VOD Servers. www.seachangeinternational.com.

Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Professional Company (BPC) provides advanced products and systems for a variety of professional and broadcast markets, including production, corporate, industrial, government, security, medical and education. Sony designs products and applications that facilitate the transition to digital technologies and the emerging broadband network era. Sony products and services include those for broadcast acquisition, production, storage, data management, system integration, digital imaging, digital printing, large and small venue display and projection needs. Telestream's FlipFactory Pro provides file interchange between Sony's MAV-70, MAV-2000, XDCAM, and eVTR, allowing broadcasters to exchange media between other digital devices and their on-air playout server. Telestream's Flip4Mac MXF Import Component provides direct, file ingest from Sony XDCAM, eVTR, and PDW-1500 into Apple's Final Cut Pro 5 realtime editing software. For more detailed information about Telestream and Sony XDCAM product integration, click here. For further information on Sony, please click here for product information or www.sel.sony.com/news for press releases.

TANDBERG Television designs and develops professional systems that enable new business models in the media and entertainment market through the delivery of high quality live digital video and on-demand content. The company provides open standards-based technology solutions, systems integration, support and monitoring through its sales and 24-hour support operations in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. TANDBERG Television's customers include many of the major broadcasters, network operators, telephone companies, cable operators and content owners around the world. Telestream's FlipFacory decodes files from the Tandberg Media Path server. For more information visit: http://www.tandbergtv.com

360 Systems is a leading manufacturer of video servers and digital audio equipment for the broadcast industry. The company's primary focus is producing affordable digital video equipment for broadcasters worldwide. 360 Systems incorporates new proprietary technologies to leverage high performance from its products, while delivering them to market at substantially lower cost. 360 Systems is also a leader in the transition to IP-based production, storage and broadcast of program content. 360 Systems designs, manufactures, sells and supports its products from headquarters in Westlake Village, California. www.360systems.com