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Increased use of media (audio, video, images, animation) are driving the need for digital content solutions to enable workflow integration with third party systems, existing system investments & infrastructure.  Telestream seamlessly delivers transcoding capabilities within Sharepoint & Collaborative environments.  Simplify your media workflow to facilitate marketing, brand management, corporate communications, content creation, repurposing and delivery: Home Page     Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in 7 Competencies
Intellinet is a professional information technology services firm driven by one simple idea: that promises kept are the most powerful competitive advantage possible.   You'll find innovative technology solutions that achieve measurable results.   Most IT service providers today offer a narrow approach to solving your technology needs - often specialized in only one aspect of your business.  Intellinet offers a holistic approach to bring you the best solution to exactly fit your needs.  The Intellinet team gives you depth and breadth of expertise with proven project delivery in the areas of:  Application Development ; Business Intelligence ; Core Infrastructure; Information Worker ; Systems Management.  Intellinet’s extensive experience with Microsoft Sharepoint, and now Telestream transcoding solutions;  and,  Interactive Media Manager provides you a tremendous resource to create a customized media-management and collaboration solution to provide measurable business improvements.

Connecting People, Processes, and Rich Content:
Interactive Media Manager & FlipFactory

The recent revolution in digital technologies has changed the way media companies produce, manage & distribute content. Microsoft Interactive Media Manager is a collaborative media management solution that extends Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 for media and entertainment companies. The solution builds on existing technology investments, and helps companies create an end-to-end content production system accessible by everyone. In addition, Interactive Media Manager easily integrates with Microsoft business intelligence tools, giving management insight into production details. The addition of Pipeline and FlipFactory Interactive Media Manager Partner Extensions creates a powerful transcoding solution that enhances workflow efficiency and performance.
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Open Text Digital Media Group is the leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions providing organizations with sophisticated support for the production, management, collaboration, and distribution of all types of rich media content. Open Text's flagship product, Artesia DAM, provides content-rich companies with a single point of management for all digital media files and their underlying metadata information. Regardless of the medium in which users work or the ultimate product produced -- traditional print, broadcast television, Web, slide presentations, or handheld device -- Artesia DAM enables its customers to easily find, access, edit, share, reuse, distribute, and archive rich media content -- all within their unique workflows and using the desktop applications of choice. 

Porteck Corporation has been developing Portal based technology solutions for its clients since 2000. Porteck’s expertise in Portals and Microsoft technologies has enabled its team to adapt the SharePoint Portal to the needs of the Media and Entertainment vertical.  The result of this endeavor is the Rich Media Portal, or RMP, an application that enables companies to manage, search and distribute rich media files.  The RMP: Where a Portal meets a DAM. The RMP leverages Telestream’s FlipFactory to flip files within the Portal, allowing users to quickly view and/or upload files in various formats in a central location.
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