Telestream: Enabling file-based
workflows for Sony XDCAM users

Telestream products bridge format and platform gaps, enabling digital media exchange between incompatible video systems. Our encoding solutions and workflow automation applications streamline format conversion and file transfer for broadcast and media companies, content owners and creators.

Telestream products supporting XDCAM

MXF XDCAM Component
FlipFactory v3.1 and higher

For XDCAM users, Telestream products provide fully file-based workflows for exporting and ingesting content to and from XDCAM products.

MXF XDCAM Component provides file-based import into Final Cut systems. This QuickTime component allows you to browse and pull content directly from XDCAM systems into Final Cut PowerBook or workstation. With Final Cut HD, you can edit DV content, while Final Cut v5 adds native IMX MPEG editing.

For broader, high-volume needs, FlipFactory provides automated, multiformat media transcoding and file-transfer between XDCAM devices and broadcast/VOD servers, production systems, and archives. Working in the background as a scalable, server-based, batch-transcoder, FlipFactory allows you to repurpose content for the Web, create low-res proxies for desktop review or high-res formats for archives and on-air servers.

XDCAM Compatibility Details
The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component is a plug-in for Final Cut Pro that provides import only from XDCAM devices into Final Cut HD for DV editing. Support for Final Cut Pro 5 adds native IMX editing. Flip4Mac provides a direct, all-digital, file-based transfer solution between XDCAM Camcorder, PDW-1500 Compact Deck, and eVTR IMX MPEG Video Tape Recorder and Final Cut Pro realtime editing software. Users can browse XDCAM devices, import media, select single or multiple files and rename files. Flip4Mac MXF supports IMX 30, 40, 50 Mbps and DV25, 50, PAL and NTSC. File transfer is via 10/100/1000 base T Ethernet connection. 

FlipFactory provides a digital bridge ( import and export ) between XDCAM devices and legacy equipment in broadcast and post production facilities. FlipFactory can take XDCAM MXF source files and flip them into virtually any proprietary format for automated, scalable ingest into leading editing systems, such as Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro, media servers from Grass Valley, Pinnacle, Omneon and more, as well as streaming formats for the Web or desktop review. Similarly, FlipFactory can take source files from legacy devices and transcode them into MXF for playout on any XDCAM system.