Have you got Version-it is?
"The cost of creating and tracking all these versions has spiraled out of control which is a principle driver for a much needed cure." Article by Telestream VP, Paul Turner – POST Magazine, December 2014

Wayfarers Chapel Streams Wedding Ceremonies Live with Wirecast
Using Telestream’s Wirecast to live stream wedding ceremonies, Church's live streaming service allows remotely-located friends and family to be a part of the proceedings from their computers, cell phones or tablets – Worship Facilities, 12/18/2014

Dicentia Encodes at High Speed with Telestream Vantage Cloud Subscriptions
"Getting started with Vantage Cloud Subscriptions was very easy. Installing the Telestream Vantage Cloud Manager software on to our system took about 30 minutes..." – Digital Media World, 12/10/2014

High-End Video Transcoder Shootout: Elemental Vs. Telestream
Both Elemental Server and Telestream’s Lightspeed Server are exceptionally fast systems that produce nearly identical quality in the most common use cases. – Streaming Media, 11/19/2014

The 2014 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards Winners
Winners include Telestream Vantage Lightspeed for Hardware Encoder (On-Demand) - and Telestream Wirecast for Webcasting/Presentation Solution (On-Premises) – Streaming Media, 11/19/2014

SMPTE 2014: HEVC Bitrate Savings Verified
Codec put to the test–"The theory of high-efficiency video coding is that it cuts the bitrate of H.264 by half. John Pallett of Telestream and his team went looking for what it could really do." – TV Technology, 10/22/2014

Flipping the Traditional Lecture Hall
Columbia University is experimenting with the flipped classroom model in large lecture courses –" ...So, in the fall 2013 semester, he began creating weekly slide presentations using PowerPoint and the screen-recording application ScreenFlow."– Campus Technology, 10/22/2014

DPP Is Ready to Rollcover story
"...Paul Turner [Telestream] notes that U.S. content creators and distributors simply don’t have a choice about providing DPP-compliant content. "If they want their programming to be shown by a U.K. broadcaster, then it has to be DPP by the time it hits the BCC loading dock. ... No negotiation, no compromise..." –TV Technology, 10/15/2014

IP technologies are an evolution, not a revolution in our industryopinion piece
As co-founder of the company, Dan Castles has led Telestream throughout its 16-year history, seeing it grow from being a file-based workflow pioneer to become one of the leading influencers in enterprise-class video transcoding and workflow solutions. – TVB Europe, 10/14/2014

Transcoding Brings Order to Multiple File Chaos
Broadcasters now deal with more formats from more sources than ever before
–" We are constantly having to refine our transcoders to deal with video codecs that are unfamiliar to us," said Paul Turner [Telestream] ... [WBRE/WYOU] found that it couldn’t handle all of the file formats coming into the stations. ...The stations recently turned to Telestream to help out..." – TV Technology, 10/14/2014

Decoding HEVC
HEVC was developed in response to the growing need for higher compression of moving pictures. Article by Telestream CIO, Shawn Carnahan – BroadcastPro Middle East, 10/7/2014

TV's Future: Freedom of Choice
"...After all, who wants to pay for a system with so many bells and whistles that it goes way beyond what’s needed in their pursuit of increasing revenues? That question was addressed by Paul Turner, vice president of enterprise product management with Nevada City-based Telestream, which initially offered its flagship product, Vantage, with several outputs..."
– TV Technology, 9/17/2014

DPP-compliant file delivery firms revealed
"IBC 2014: The first group of companies to have developed file delivery tools that have passed the Digital Production Partnership’s Compliance Programme have been announced. The companies whose products met the criteria are Telestream ..."
– Broadcast (UK), 9/13/2014

Content is King
"Broadcasters are looking at a fundamental change in the way that many of their traditional customers are consuming media," says Paul Turner, VP, enterprise product management, Telestream. "It is no longer true that media delivery is dominated by OTA/Cable/Satellite delivery. In order to remain relevant to their viewers, they must adapt to the new world of media consumption via IP."
– Digital Production Middle East, 9/12/2014

See what’s new in Telestream Wirecast, Switch and Vantage at IBC 2014:

Microsoft Azure Media Services adds new cloud-first live streaming, content protection and indexing services
New services and technology partnerships help broadcasters and media companies move to the cloud ... Telestream's Wirecast offers customers a built-in destination that makes it quick and easy to send content from Wirecast's live streaming production software to Microsoft Azure
– CNN Money, 9/10/2014

Scaling Servers to Fit the Workflow 
By Karl Paulsen ... This author wishes to thank Telestream for their insight into these architectures
– TV Technology, 9/9/2014

How to Maximize Your Current Broadcast Infrastructure and Simplify QC in a Multi-platform World
Article by Telestream CTO, Shawn Carnahan
– Broadcast Beat Digital Magazine, IBC2014 edition

IABM explores trends for 2014 and beyond
The IABM’s program at IBC begins on Friday morning with the business conference session which asks ‘What is the future for broadcasting technology’... in a panel debate [including] Dan Castles [CEO] from Telestream
– TVB Europe, 9/9/2014

Vendor View, Shawn Carnahan, Telestream
Telestream CTO discusses file-based challenges and preparing for 4K
– TV Technology Europe, 9/9/2014

Video: NBC Olympics' Darryl Jefferson Discusses Telestream's Role at Sochi Games
Jefferson sat down to discuss the role Telestream and Vantage played in NBC Olympics’ overwhelming success in Sochi
– Sport Video Group, 9/2/2014

PBS Deploys Nexidia QC for Captions
Nexidia QC also integrates with PBS' Telestream Vantage automation system, which submits jobs to AmberFin UQC and also triggers individual QC passes for products going to iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and other OTT services
– TV Technology, 9/2/2014

British Columbia’s Knowledge Network builds an automated workflow
The network relies upon an automated file-based workflow enabled by three complementary Telestream products: a Vantage Transcode Pro system, two Lightspeed Servers and two Pipeline HD/SD-SDI video capture and play-out systems.
– The Broadcast Bridge, 9/1/2014

IABM shortlists Design & Innovation Awards
Telestream Switch is short-listed in the Post Production category
– SVG Europe, 8/19/2014

FCC Pushes Caption Deadlines
“...Solutions like MacCaption and Post Producer software from Telestream help users ensure that edited clips and montages can automatically have the original captions preserved and correctly synced up with the edited clips ...”
– TV Technology, 8/5/2014

Telestream’s Switch video Player/Inspector lives up to its promise
"The Inspector is what makes Switch a really powerful tool that every semi-pro/pro video editor should have...Switch is a must-have if you’re an active video producer/editor. Telestream released an introduction to Switch on their website and from the explanation it’s clear the first version is only just the beginning.”
– IT Enquirer, 8/2014

MacCaption 6: creating captions and subtitles with ease
MacCaption has a very simple workflow:
  •  Create a text file with your caption text:
  •  Import the file
  •  Open the movie that is to have the captions
  •  Select the automatic timecode-to-captions option
  •  Export the movie with captions or the captions alone in one of the many supported formats
  •  Sit back and enjoy the show.
– IT Enquirer, 8/2014

Telestream Vantage transcodes 25 formats, everything from GoPro to RedEpic at 5K, into extremely high quality 720p Apple ProRes H.264 proxies from the 18 EVS channels that come in. Producers work with the proxies, finalize in Apple ProRes 100 and ‘Viola!’ Stum says. ‘TV’.”
– TV Technology, 7/9/2014

Specialist AV announces High-Speed Format Delivery Service to assist Broadcasters Worldwide
Specialist AV has installed Telestream Vantage Transcode Pro software at its Dublin headquarters
– IFTN (The Irish Film & Television Network, 7/9/2014

Extended Broadcast Channels
The rise in OTT and catch-up TV viewing is accelerating; hear what Telestream’s Paul Turner has to say
– InBroadcast, June 2014

Streaming Video to Multiple Screens: How to Choose a Solution
ITV is the largest video producer and broadcaster in the United Kingdom ... ITV chose to go with Telestream’s Vantage product
– OnlineVideo.net, 6/25/2014

Repurposing TV Closed Caption Files for Internet Video Distribution
by Telestream’s Giovanni Galvez - “Content creators must take careful steps to ensure Internet-captioned video matches the quality of what was delivered to TV viewers ... “
– Video Edge Magazine, May/June 2014

Automation: Operative Word in Caption Tech
Vendors work to handle complexities and hold down the cost of online captioning
“... in August 2013, Telestream acquired software company Computer Prompting and Captioning (CPC). This has allowed it to streamline the process of checking and fixing captions by integrating the CPC system into the Telestream Vantage offering ...”
– Broadcasting & Cable, 5/12/2014

Orchestrating Winter Olympics Workflow
“When you’re dealing with thousands of hours of sports coverage coming in live from a foreign land (Sochi, Russia), the biggest challenge is ensuring that all of those files play nicely with each other. In the real world, that rarely happens. That’s why Darryl Jefferson, vice president, digital workflow, NBC Olympics, used Telestream’s Vantage transcoding platform to perform file-based standards conversion, transcoding and workflow orchestration between various third-party production and encoding systems. ...”
– Video Edge Magazine, May/June 2014

Telestream's Wirecast Pro Connects Centennial Gala
“We have found Telestream’s Wirecast Pro 5 unique in its ability to allow switching of live web stream sources, as well as converting live streams to ProRes format in real time. With its many built-in features, Wirecast Pro 5 has certainly proven to us to be the Swiss Army knife of live streaming production."
– Video Edge Magazine, April 2014

NAB Show video interview - Paul Turner discusses what’s new on the Vantage platform
– BroadcastShow, April 2014

NAB Show video interview - Lynn Elliott runs through new Switch multiformat media player
– BroadcastShow, April 2014

Video: Making the Switch with Telestream (NAB Show 2014)
Larry Jordan interviews Kevin Louden discussing Switch during this NAB Show video interview
– Digital Production BuZZ, April 2014

Servers at NBC Olympics: Reaching a Goal Fulfilling a production dream, going ‘tapeless’
Several specialty vendors had important roles ... Telestream’s Vantage product does transcoding and some file-based standards conversion
– TV Technology, 2/20/2014

Reach out to the world via video streaming
The Melbourne Macintosh User Group streams to club members over the internet using Telestream Wirecast
– Sydney Morning Herald, 02/06/2014

Telestream Now Offering HEVC Encoding Using x265 Codec
Debuting the first commercial product using the x265 codec, Telestream credits the work of the global open source community
– Streaming Media, 2/04/2014

The Transcoding Power of Vantage 6.2 by Telestream
"The Vantage product line from Telestream has considerable value and measurable results!"
– Broadcast Beat, 1/21/2014

Factors Influencing Growth of HEVC in the Media and Entertainment ...
The open H.265 project has also won backing from vendors, such as Telestream
– Reportlinker.com, 1/16/2014