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Transforming Encoding Forever
Episode 6 — A New Generation Encoder

Quality. Speed. Formats. Scalability.
Telestream Episode® 6 is an all-in-one, multiformat encoding application designed for post production and new media workflows. It's the only cross-platform, multiformat software encoder on the market that scales from a desktop to a workgroup cluster. Episode accepts and transcodes more video and audio file formats than any other encoder in its class.


Encodes video to all major Web, DVD authoring, mobile and portable device formats. Episode is ideal for laptop users who need to process one job at a time.

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Adds support for high-end pro formats (MXF, GXF, IMX, MPEG-2/-4 Transport Streams and more). Episode Pro provides parallel encoding for two jobs at a time. Perfect for workstation systems.

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Includes Episode Pro formats, plus saturates multi-core machines or workgroup clusters with Split-and-Stitch® distributed encoding and unlimited parallel processing for high volume throughput at maximum speed.

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Best Encoding Value
Find out for yourself why video professionals worldwide rely on Episode for its broad format support, transcoding automation features and unlimited scalability for distribution to new media outlets. With prices starting at $495, Episode is the future-proof solution that offers extensive support for current and emerging video and audio file formats, including Flash 9 and Flash 8 (VP6s, Vp6e), Windows Media, H.264, MPEG-1/-2/-4, VC-1, DV, 3GPP/2, M4A, MOV, WebM, other QuickTime codecs and more.

In addition to the extensive format support offered in the base model, Episode also enables full clustering capabilities and the ability to scale up to higher models for more formats and increased performance.

What's New in Episode 6.2

  • Improved and expanded API: A new XML-RPC interface for Episode Engine and a faster, more robust Command Line Interface
  • New formats: Includes AVC-Intra, ProRes 4:4:4:4, and expanded MPEG2 VOD support
  • 24-channel audio support
  • New "Episode Developer API Kit": Optional support which provides technical/engineering support for API integrations and exclusive early access to the latest Episode features.
  • Mac OS X Lion support
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