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"With our volume, it's all about the speed of the workflow ... so being able to do 12 HD streams at once [with Pipeline] is a huge plus for us ... and Episode's speed is key as well."
– Mike Saindon, UFC production engineer
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Customer Stories


"I was looking for a system that was customizable, highly reliable, and software based so that it was easily upgradeable. I chose Episode Engine because it just works."

ABC has been the first network on virtually every new video platform. A 40-node Episode cluster is used to automatically transcode 200,000 files a month to reach these diverse viewers.

"Episode Engine speeds the encoding process. We were able to put the video online just two hours after the closing ceremony. We think we can do even better in 2012."

MobiTV runs more than 65,000 program files per day through its 24-node Episode Engine encoding cluster to meet high-volume production needs.

Opsomai chose Episode Engine as its transcoding module, to expand its Opsis Media format offerings, and integrate seamlessly with its clustering capabilities and cloud-service platform

NASCAR Media Group uses Telestream Episode Engine to support 17 formats and frame rates, converting them all to ProRes upon ingest.

Episode 7 Review

“I’ve been testing [Episode 7] with a large number of various clips and it’s faster, can now handle 4K footage and supports a larger number of formats, including DNxHD, DNxHR, DVCPro HD and JPEG2000.”
– IT Enquirer, Dec 3, 2015

Review: Telestream Episode Pro 6.5

“ the right cluster based environment with multiple threads and multiple cluster nodes you could easily cut the transcode time in half.”
– postPerspective, September 8, 2015

Telestream’s Episode 6 Review

"Episode 6 Pro is an awesome tool that is easy to use, that consistently delivers superb looking web video." – Gear Review Blogger, 4/25/2012

Telestream brings x264 to Episode Encoders

"This kind of toolset is always a dream for media producers." – Lifelong Learning Magazine, 4/22/2012

More Customer Stories

Airstream Pictures is a TV production company that uses Episode to compress corporate documentaries for client review and for final distribution via web or DVD

Canadian university, C.E.G.E.P. de Limoilou, purchased 48 Episode licenses for a new technical lab course in order to train students in a real-life post-production, broadcast environment.

Compression Group chose Episode for for high-quality encoding to Flash, H.264, MPEG-4 and more. "The depth of control Episode allows us to achieve is unrivaled in the industry. It gives us the peace of mind that a job is done right the first time."

Fox News field producers and reporters create news clips from remote locations. Episode allows them to quickly & easily output high-quality formats for broadcast, web and mobile viewing devices.

Major League Baseball uses Episode Engine to bridge Mac-based FC production/graphics environment with a GV K2 system and Electrasonic-based editing environment which are not natively compatible. Episode Engine enabled MLB to quickly bridge that gap and provides integration with Final Cut Server. It also enabled MLB to make MPEG-2 HD transport streams and GXF needed for their workflows between graphics systems, editing systems and playout servers. Speed, format support and integration with Apple systems were the driving forces for purchasing Episode Engine.

German broadcaster SWR deployed Episode to provide cost-effective, high-quality standards conversion for media file transfer between its Mexico and Brazil news bureaus and main office in Germany.
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Digital Media Group

The Digital Media Group for a major US television network provides full television episodes, recaps of TV series and original content to the network's website and to mobile video providers, including Verizon V CAST, Cingular, SmartVideo, Helio, GoTV, etc. Because of varying requirements for each, approximately 600 files are delivered each day.
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More Reviews

Examining Episode Pro 6

"Episode Pro 6 is an awesome tool that's easy to use and consistently delivers superb looking Web video." – P3 Update, Aug 2011

Episode 6 Product Review

"Together with its support for the complete ProRes codec family, its performance, scalability through clustering, and flexibility, Episode 6 is definitely a good choice. The ease of use, coupled with the extensive features, and excellent quality encoding, makes this a must have for content creators working on web, mobile, DVD and HD content." – Software Latest, 11/15/2010

Telestream Episode 6

"Episode is extremely fast and versatile, bringing very high-end encoding power to almost any user." – TV Technology, 4/5/2011

My First Look at Episode 6

“Episode 6 is a fairly major update to the user interface and adds a whole new notion called workflows.” – Real World Video Compression, October 2010

Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web 2010

A 43-page document designed to provide simple, easily-repeatable settings in recipe form. They will get you great results with minimal effort using Telestream Episode Pro V6. – Intelligent Assistance, Inc., September 2010


Telestream: Episode 6 presentation & demonstration

Recorded live with Telestream's Johan Skaneby at MacVideo Expo, London – MacVideo 10/18/2011

Episode 6: King of the Encoders

Rick Young interviews Telestream's Kevin Louden at IBC 2011
– MacVideo, September 2011

Episode 6 Audio Interview

Larry Jordan talks to Telestream's Kevin Louden about Episode 6 video encoding software. – Digital Production BuZZ, 9/23/2010

Telestream Revolutionizes Encoding!

Telestream's Johan Skaneby presents the new interface for Episode 6, and shows some of the great new features including One-Click Clustering and file sharing between clusters of Macs and PCs. – YakYakYak, 4/14/2010

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