Supports Mac OS 10.7 and later


Windows Media Components
for QuickTime

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With Flip4Mac Windows Media Components for QuickTime, you can play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv)
directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a web browser. With advanced
features, you can import Windows Media files for editing and create Windows Media files for distribution.

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 Play Windows Media using QuickTime.  Learn more
 Includes Flip Player multiformat video player.
 High quality video playback in a wide range of file formats with  playback and premium editing features.  Learn more
 Import WMV and WMA files for conversion to
 QuickTime and QuickTime compatible formats
 Export WMV using preset or custom encoding profiles
 (SD, 1-pass encoding) up to 768x576
 Export WMV using HD, 2-pass VBR encoding with pro audio
 up to 1920x1080
 Premium Support – $29/year
 (Priority response, telephone support,
 free software upgrades, Remote Access services)
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Easy to install & use

Flip4Mac components install seamlessly and can be accessed through your System Preferences.

Mountain LionUsing OS X 10.9 Mavericks?
Great news! The latest version of Flip4mac is compatible.

The trusted solution

Developed and backed by Telestream experience and technology, Flip4Mac components are the most trusted solution with stability and professional support.

Upgrade for more options

The Flip4Mac Player lets you watch Windows Media on your Mac.

Unlock more features from within the application to be able to import, edit and convert Windows Media.

Exclusive features you only get with Flip4Mac!

Brilliant playback on Retina Displays

With Flip4Mac, your videos look crisp and clear even on the highest resolution Retina Display monitors.

Unique PowerPoint and Keynote integration

Only Flip4Mac provides a seamless Windows Media integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations. Both PowerPoint and Keynote can access and play Windows Media files through Flip4Mac*. It is also possible to import Windows Media files into PowerPoint and Keynote and save them as PowerPoint presentations so they can be viewed on a Windows PC.

Unique web browser integration

Only Flip4Mac provides Windows Media support for Safari, Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Watch Windows Media streams and listen to radio stations directly in your web browser.

Unique Compressor export  

Only Flip4Mac enables Windows Media creation with Apple Compressor. Create custom presets and Droplets to batch encode large amount of files and projects. Only Compressor in combination with Flip4Mac Studio products allow Windows Media export from Final Cut Pro X.

Unique QuickTime integration

Only Flip4Mac provides Windows Media support in QuickTime to allow Windows Media playback in Apple's default QuickTime Player as well as in other QuickTime-based applications.

Unique Mail preview

Only Flip4Mac provides a seamless Windows Media integration with Apple Mail*. Every day Windows users send out emails to friends and co-workers that contain Windows Media files. Don't waste time by saving and converting the file. Instead enjoy seamless video and audio playback experience by watching your Windows Media file directly within the email or by using Mail's built-in Quick Look preview.

Unique Flip Player

Only Flip4Mac combines the best of a system-wide QuickTime integration and a standalone multiformat media player application, Flip Player.

Unique iMovie import  

Only Flip4Mac allows easy import of WMV files into Apple iMovie '11. Just select your WMVs when importing files into your iMovie project. Or use Flip Player Pro to convert WMV files straight to iMovie files using the optimized Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC).


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Windows Media Components for QuickTime

Flip4Mac components allow you to play, import, convert and make Windows Media video and audio files on your Mac.

Watch Windows Media on your Mac with the Flip4Mac player, or upgrade for more features.

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  Starting at $5.95