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  • Vantage gives you faster transcoding and more throughput per server
     ◊  Add Telestream Lightspeed Server for blazing-fast GPU acceleration
  • Vantage will make your job easier
     ◊  Integrate analysis and smart decision making
     ◊  Centralize functions for easier setup and maintenance
     ◊  Automate pause-and-resume, and more
  • Vantage lets you do things you’ve never done before
     ◊  Design your own workflow processes with greater automation
     ◊  Accelerate transcoding/packaging for adaptive bitrate workflows
     ◊  Simplify/accelerate content preparation for IPTV/cable workflows
     ◊  Integrate digital delivery, QC, analysis, metadata transformation, and more
     ◊  Create higher-quality H.264 at 50% lower bit rate with x264

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