Telestream® Lightspeed™ Live Capture adds a uniquely flexible capture solution to the Telestream portfolio of professional enterprise-class video products.

Supporting 4 SD/HD/3G-SDI or 1 of 4K/UHD-SDI inputs — Lightspeed Live Capture simultaneously creates multiple high resolution and proxy output files, while allowing for independent delivery options for each output, and can operate as a standalone capture device, a multiple server capture farm or be seamlessly added to a Vantage domain of any size allowing for unlimited workflow possibilities — Lightspeed Live Capture is the most versatile ingest platform available.

With the future in mind, the Lightspeed Live Capture architecture has been designed to address IP inputs and other media formats to adapt to changing media technologies.


Standalone or Vantage integrated

Lightspeed Live Capture can operate as a standalone device or as part of a Vantage domain. The integration is seamless, and the Capture action appears as an Origin Action in Vantage. Expanding the system is easy: to increase the channel count on your domain, simply add additional Lightspeed Live Capture units.

Media platform friendly

The Lightspeed Live Capture system creates growing files that directly support 3rd party media processing platforms, including Avid Media Central, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Features at a glance

System Features Workflow Features

Designed for demanding enterprise-class broadcast and professional live video capture applications— and log and capture applications—Lightspeed Live Capture offers premium features and exceptional performance. Powered by the latest generation of Lightspeed Live server, Capture excels at performing demanding video ingest from similar or mixed format sources, while simultaneously creating multiple high resolution and proxy files from any of its inputs. Files are written directly to the Live Capture server’s local RAID storage or to NAS/SAN shared storage. Live Capture also offers a wide range of delivery choices such as CIFS, FTP, S3 or Aspera systems.

As a standalone system, Lightspeed Live Capture acquires SDI video from up to 4 independent input channels (or IP streams in a future release). Multiple Live Capture servers can be joined together to create a multiple server capture farm under a common control interface. In addition Live Capture can be seamlessly integrated directly into a Vantage domain enabling unlimited workflow possibilities through Vantage’s Media Processing Platform.

Lightspeed Live Capture offers best in class channel density (4 HD channels in 1 RU) and a broad range of control methods (Lightspeed Live Capture Web Application, Lightspeed Live Capture Web Service Application Program Interface (API), VTR control via RS-422 or Vantage Management Console) plus enterprise class system management tools including IPMI, SNMP and Windows Active Directory login.

SD/HD/3G-SDI Video Inputs

UHD/4K Video Inputs (using Quad-Link 3G-SDI)

Audio Channels

VTR Machine Control for each SDI Input

External API Control

Time code sources

Edit solutions

Primary output file formats

Browser based control UI

Container Wrappers

Proxy output files