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Extend your workflow with the following product options:


Increase the value of your media with targeted graphics with Graphics Factory  |  Learn More

  • GraphicsFactory automates graphics insertion
  • A faster, more efficient means to add bumpers and trailers, brand and localize media for a variety of high-volume distribution requirements
  • Layered graphics templates include text, audio, images and drop shadows, along with fade-ins/fade-outs and QuickTime movies that start and stop on a timeline


Automatically scan & filter incoming media  |  Learn More

  • FlipScan lets you define a set of filtering rules for automatic scanning, analyzing and processing of incoming video, audio & metadata
  • Helps you manage non-standard, uploaded source media, including user-generated content


Rock-solid reliability - No single point of failure   |  Learn More

  • FactoryArray provides auto-failsafe, 24/7 job processing for large-scale workflow automation applications
  • Includes load-balanced, continuous job processing across multiple servers, database mirroring, guaranteed high availability, and distributed control
  • Full redundancy with no single point of failure ensures that your system will never go down
  • Highly configurable workflow design allows you to dedicate servers to specialized tasks and dedicate processing power to high-priority workflows

Multi-Language Screen Subtitling

  • Full integration with Screen Subtitling software
  • Automatically add open, burnt-in subtitles or DVB bitmap single and multi-language subtitles to your video workflow for delivery to multiple outlets

IPV SpectreView

  • Sequence File Production and Delivery Option enables immediate playout from the SpectreView server of all FlipFactory IPV-encoded files


  • Powerful SDK enables seamless integration with user-provided plugins.