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Ideal for real-time video capture into a variety of broadcast, post-production and other professional media workflows

Pipeline sits on your network, so anyone can access it

  • Providing freedom from the hassles and limitations of traditional capture-card solutions
  • Common network protocols, RS-422 deck control and frame-accurate ingest/playout
  • Eliminates capture card/workstation operating system and driver incompatibilities

Four easy ways to capture your video:

  • Schedule recording of live feeds
  • Log and capture from tape
  • Manual record
  • Control through a simple automation API

More choices, more flexibility

  • Support for MXF workflows, creating OPAtom and OP1a media
  • Maintain closed captions and other ancillary data via MXF, TIFO and Avid /Apple proprietary schemes
  • Print to Tape and Controlled Playout interface allows you to insert edit, assemble edit back to tape, or use Pipeline as a virtual VTR

Encode to multiple formats from a single box

  • DV25/50, DVCPRO25/50/HD, IMX 30/40/50, 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 SD/HD, and 8-bit/10-bit Avid DNxHD up to 220Mbit
  • Extend your workflow to virtually any additional format with a Telestream Vantage Transcode

Edit or transcode while capture for quick turnaround

  • No need to wait for the complete file to arrive
  • Batch ingest from an EDL file to encode multiple clips from a single tape

Multi-channel scalability

  • Exceptional encoding density in a compact 1RU box
  • Includes dual power supplies for critical workflows
  • Scalable to an unlimited number of channels

Cost-effective network import/export station

  • Use any machine on the network as a dedicated, network import/export station – making it very cost effective
  • Direct extraction and preservation of ancillary data and a wide variety of time code sources
  • Powerful web service API makes it easy to develop an application that automatically controls multiple Pipeline systems

Ingest into editing workflows

  • Save significant time and cost importing & exporting media
  • Edit events and breaking news while they are being captured
  • External video encoding frees up your workstation for editing
  • Smart encoding to Final Cut Pro project bin settings
  • Create Avid compatible MXF directly

Ingest into DAMs and digital archives

  • Streamline ingest into online libraries, digital asset management systems and archives
  • Including Apple's Final Cut Server, North Plains' TeleScope DAM system, Microsoft's Interactive Media Manager and more

Ingest into Vantage workflows

  • High-quality baseband ingest into Telestream Vantage workflows
  • Quickly transcode to virtually any format while media is being captured
  • Simultaneously create high-res files for storage and low-res proxies
  • Preserves important metadata, such as closed captions, throughout your video transcoding workflow

Playout to Tape or Monitor

  • Playout QuickTime or MXF OP1a files back to tape or a monitor for quality checking
  • Turn Pipeline into a virtual VTR controlled via Sony 9-pin commands via RS422

Pipeline HD Dual

  • 2 channels of unparalleled encoding density in a compact 1RU box
  • Supports Apple Pro Res, Avid DNxHD® codec, DVCPRO HD and more...
  • Redundant power supplies for critical workflows
Download the Pipeline HD Dual Product Sheet