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Demo your software

ScreenFlow provides all the elements needed to create professional-looking product demonstrations of software applications, including games. Developers can easily record a demonstration of their software with audio and even separate video. They can easily highlight areas of interest, add text, then edit the whole thing and save it as a video ready to be shared with the world. ScreenFlow provides an easy way to create leads and bring in revenue.

Demo your iPhone

With ScreenFlow, iPhone developers have a tool to record their applications (using any iPhone simulator), and choose a finger as a mouse pointer as they navigate around their iPhone application. This makes a nice video demo of their iPhone application that they can use to spread the word about their great new app!

Teachers can use ScreenFlow to record their lectures, tutorials, or instructions for students, or to create rich-media presentations. The beauty of ScreenFlow is that they only need to record their message once and students can access the video at any time that fits their schedule.

ScreenFlow gives corporate trainers the ability to combine a screen recorded video with Keynote or PowerPoint presentations and video conferencing. ScreenFlow makes it easy to provide online, on-demand video training as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to live training.