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open quote markScreenflow is not just another piece of software. Screenflow has allowed me to not only create amazing information products but also create videos for other hobbies of mine. The multitude of options that Screenflow offers takes my videos from frumpy to fabulous and from amateur to amazing! I highly recommend that anyone grab this software - regardless of your technical abilities... It's easy to use and extremely intuitive. 
– Erin Blaskie

open quote markEvery now and then an application comes along that works exactly the way you hoped an application would work. It does exactly what you wanted it to do. It does it easily. It does it quickly. 
– ScreenFlow Review - GD Must-Have Mac Applications
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open quote mark ScreenFlow is a very powerful, yet easy to use program.”
– Kush's Blog - July 2009
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open quote markScreenFlow is possibly the simplest and most efficient Screen Capturing software on the market.”
– App Your Mac, June 2009
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open quote markThe real gem in ScreenFlow lies inside its editing interface. The timeline-based editor will instantly feel comfortable to anyone who has spent time in iMovie, Final Cut, or any other video app. ”
– TeenCastic, April 2009
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open quote mark“The oft-requested titling feature comes in multiple flavors of awesome.”
– TUAW, February 2009
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open quote markScreenFlow is the hands-down leader in Mac-based screencasting software.”
– The Scraster Blog – January 2009
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open quote markScreenFlow is unquestionably the best video tutorial tool available on the Mac.”
– Ric Getter, MacDirectory - Fall/Winter 2009
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open quote markPutting together slick, professional-looking demo videos of web apps has traditionally been extremely expensive and time consuming.... ScreenFlow is an amazingly simple piece of software. It’s Mac only, but it’s worth going out and buying yourself an iMac just to use for your product demos. Seriously, it’s that good.”
– Ben Chestnut, Digital Web Magazine
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open quote mark[ScreenFlow] is an incredible, breathtaking work of genius that is going to make my daily screencasts less of a chore, and more pleasurable than they have been for a long time...This is a game changer.”
– Michael Pick, WebTVwire
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open quote markThe ability to edit the video and audio, even to the point of being able to bring in additional media, sold me on this wonderful software.”
– David Madsen - January 2009
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open quote markIt isn't just good: it's eye-opening. I quite frankly had no idea that an application could look and act like this. This program has knocked my socks off - with my shoes on." – Matt Neuburg, TidBITS - April 2008
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open quote markScreenFlow is the best screen capture utility on any platform. If I didn't have a Mac I'd buy one just to use it!" – Leo Laporte

open quote markThe most attractive thing about ScreenFlow's approach of recording everything and letting you edit it afterwards is that it reduces the number of recording takes required.”
– Giles Turnbull, MacUser magazine UK - March 2008
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