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Screenflow Review - the perfect screencasting application (Sept 2009)
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Creating a screencast with a Mac: will you use iShowU HD, Screenium, ScreenFlow, or Snapz Pro? (July 2009)
"... So, which screencast recording software do you need? Well, the two  best performing and most appealing solutions on Intel Macs are ScreenFlow and iShowU HD. ScreenFlow has an easier to use interface in  my opinion, but both programs perform very close to each other on all parameters." IT-enquirer
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ScreenFlow Tutorials on YouTube by MacintoshTipz (June/July 2009)
Tutorial 1: Overview & Basic Features
Tutorial 2: Adding Call Outs & Media
Tutorial 3: Adding Text & Transitions
Tutorial 4: Making Your Projects More Custom
Tutorial 5: Exporting HD to YouTube

AppStorm, The Mac Apps Blog: Creating Beautiful Screencasts with ScreenFlow (April 2009)
This "how to" will provide an overview of ScreenFlow, and explain how easy it is to get started using the app. From hitting “Record” to exporting a finished screencast - we’ll take you through the process.
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Software Editorial (January 2009)
"If there is one piece software for my Macs that I would describe as addictive it has to be [ScreenFlow] an application formerly owned by Vara Software now taken over by Telestream.   …   Summing up ScreenFlow is simple to use, gives outstanding results, and there is enough features to almost achieve any type of screencast, whether it is software tutorials, product promotion, fast moving keynote presentation, and anything else you can think of. It is highly rated worldwide, and I think it’s head and shoulders above the rest of the competition."
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MacHouse: Mac Software Review: ScreenFlow 1.2.1 (January 2009)
"ScreenFlow is much more useful than the most popular screen-capture application for Mac. ScreenFlow even allows users to save project files and to export videos with different frame rates, different resolutions, different settings. ScreenFlow is not just a screen-capture application. It allows users to edit movies by cutting unnecessary frames, rotating the screen, adding media clips. It’s quite an impressive software title. ScreenFlow gets MacHouse’s Buy-It! recommendation.”
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Zviki Cohen Blog (December 2008)
ScreenFlow Review: a Screencasting Power Tool: “Screenflow has an extensive array of editing tools for polishing your work.” See author’s nWire Software product video created using ScreenFlow.
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Digital Content Producer (November 2008)
Franklin McMahon says: “ScreenFlow signals a new era of a growing marketplace and screencast creation, and it has put all others on notice. Its focus on editing after recording, its professional-looking graphical options, and its ability to tweak/alter just about any element make ScreenFlow the leader in the Mac screencast market.”
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Broadcast Newsroom (October 2008)
David Basulto says: “Once again I am reminded there is a God. … Finally my prayers were answered; the program is called Screenflow.”
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ScreenFlow, le iMovie de la copie d'écran animée (French review)
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Mac|Life (August 2008)
All The World's A Screen
Reviewer David Biedny states:"ScreenFlow . . . makes it quite easy to make superbly sophisticated recordings of onscreen activity with minimal hassle. It's the new best-in-class tool."
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Studio Monthly (July 2008)
Well-Priced Tool for a Fluid Screencasting Workflow
Reviewer Jem Schofield states:"ScreenFlow lets you create polished screencasts for most training and product demos, without ever leaving the application."
Read the review ScreenFlow Review (May 2008)
David Sparks says: “ScreenFlow is the screencasting application for the rest of us. It gives you one application to capture video and audio and perform sophisticated editing.”
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TidBITS (April 2008)
ScreenFlow: Screencasting on Steroids
Reviewer Matt Neuburg states:"This program has knocked my socks off - with my shoes on."
Read the review ScreenFlow 1.0.2
Rob Griffiths says: “If you do a lot with screen captures, it’s well worth the investment.”
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World of Apple: Review: ScreenFlow - Screencasting Made Easy (and Fun!) (March 2008)
“I’ve taken some time to play with the application and have come away quite impressed with how easy it is to use and its effective feature set. Recording, adding, and editing screencasts has never been easier. It’s truly a great tool.”
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GabeJacobsBlog: ScreenFlow: Setting The Bar For Screencasting Apps (February 2008)
Gabe Jacobs says “ScreenFlow is the best in its class of screencastings apps. It allows you to make professional video tutorials within minutes and if that’s what you want to do, this app is right for you. Even if you are not into screencasts, I doubt you can stop yourself from saying ‘Wow.’”
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AppleTell: ScreenFlow, the new best Screen Capture App (February 2008)
Adam Fisher-Cox says “ScreenFlow is now the best screen capture application out there.”
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MacResearch: Screenflow, creating great looking screencasts (February 2008)
Alexander Griekspoor says “Within 20 minutes after seeing and playing with the program I bought it straight away. I would encourage anyone who make screencasts to give screenflow a try.”
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TUAW (February 2008)
ScreenFlow: The killer screencasting app is here
Reviewer Brett Terpstra states:"It's an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink solution."
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