New Features in ScreenFlow 2.0
Transitions: Support added for beautiful 2D and 3D video transitions across your clips. As you push   your clips together, transitions are created automatically, making it easier than ever to create
  stunning screencasts.
YouTube export: Direct export to YouTube from within ScreenFlow. When you are done editing your   screen recording, simply select Publish to YouTube from the menu. You can choose to publish this
  to anyone, or add authorization for a controlled distribution to a selected group of people.
Adjust the speed of your clip or freeze a single frame: Version 2.0 adds the ability to individually
  adjust the speed of your clips. If you need a segment to last a little longer, or want to demonstrate a   time-lapse of your screen recording, you'll find the new high-quality video & audio speed adjustments
  a powerful addition to your toolbox. Version 2.0 also lets you freeze a single frame of your video, to   adjust to the pace of the audio, for example.
Pause Screen Recordings: If you want to take a break during a long, continuous screen recording,   version 2.0 adds unlimited pausing & resuming during the recording process. Your finished screen   recording will appear as a single clip on the timeline.
Advanced Audio Edits: In a single click, detach the audio from the video in the timeline. This allows   you to edit the audio separately, and even copy/paste it into another project.
Audio Ducking: With this feature, the background music level is automatically attenuated when a   voiceover is playing.
Drag & Drop: Drag and position content from your media list directly onto the main ScreenFlow
   video canvas. You can also now drag & drop media (and copy & paste clips) from one open
  document to another.
Document Packages: Version 2.0 now gathers all the media used in your screencast into a
  document package when you save. This frees you from manually managing media on your disk and   makes archiving and storing your screencasts a very simple process.
Action Curves: If you want to get finer-grain control over the look of your actions, you can now set
  the interpolation used for your clip's actions.
Productivity: New keyboard shortcuts for resizing the timeline, zoom in and out, nudging clips and   time overlays all make for a streamlined timeline. More context sensitive menus, support for the   multiple selection of media sources and new track-pad gestures will keep you editing faster than ever.
Timeline Performance: This is now significantly faster, especially when dealing with large   documents with many clips and actions. The rendering of thumbnail icons now has a much lower   system impact.
Export Performance: Includes improved export performance: between 5% for single pass encoding
  and 25% for multiple pass H.264 encoding on multi-core machines. You'll also find editing
  performance improved on the latest generation of Intel processors.
Export part of the time line: With version 2.0 you can choose to only export a part of the time line   and not the entire document. Another enhancement that further facilitates your screencasting   workflow.
Color Correction: Ability to adjust saturation, brightness and contrast.
Live Audio Scrubbing: Adds the ability to scrub the time line with the audio.
Snow Leopard support: Optimized for Apple’s latest Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6