Take your screencasts to a whole new level with ScreenFlow screen recording and video editing software

Take your screencasts to a whole new level

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Record your screen

Record your screen.

With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, microphone and your computer audio
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Edit your screen capture video

Edit your video.

The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music and transitions for a professional-looking screencast.
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Share your screencasts with the world

Share with the world.

The finished result is an MPEG-4, QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing your screencasts to your Web site, blog, or directly to YouTube or Vimeo.
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Record your screen

Highest Quality Recording

ScreenFlow has the best screen capture available – even on Retina Displays.
  • Custom multithreaded SSE, 64-bit enabled compression system allows full screen capture with low file sizes.
  • Capture HD video & audio, Keynote & Powerpoint presentations, fast moving video games.
  • Retina displays? No problem. ScreenFlow’s efficient algorithm enables high fidelity screen recording for retina displays, while keeping file sizes low.

Optimized for OS X 10.7 and higher

ScreenFlow makes extensive use of the best of Mac OS X technologies:
  • Core Animation
  • QuickLook
  • Spotlight
  • QTKit
  • Quartz Composer
  • OpenGL
  • Core Image & Audio
  • Automator
  • Core Data and many others
  • ScreenFlow supports: OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion
  • Fully 64-bit application under OS X 10.7 Lion and above

Record Everything, Edit Later

ScreenFlow's advanced algorithms only encode areas of change on your screen, so you can capture your entire screen with the highest quality and keep your file sizes low.
  • Have the flexibility to record everything and decide later what to edit out.
  • Simultaneously record from your iSight or DV camera as well as your microphone and computer's audio.

Recording Timer

Need to record a webinar, and don’t want to stick around till the end? With ScreenFlow’s Recording Timer feature, now you can set the duration of time (in minutes and seconds) you want ScreenFlow to record. When the time period has elapsed, ScreenFlow will stop recording and launch the editor window.

Pause Screen Recordings

If you want to take a break during a long, continuous screencast, you can easily pause and resume during the recording process. Your finished screencast will appear as a single clip on the timeline.

Edit your video

Once your screen capture is complete, you're transported to the ScreenFlow editor. ScreenFlow lets you easily add zoom & pan effects, trim clips, add drop shadow & reflection, adjust audio levels, etc. The intuitive interface makes editing your screencast easy and intuitive, so you can focus on the creative work of telling your story.

Multi-layer Track Editing

Create multi-layered tracks in your editing timeline to manage your video and audio clips, images and text. Easily reorder, delete and resize the height of your tracks; group clips together for easy movement; insert or remove gaps between clips.

Screen Recording Highlights

During your screen capture, ScreenFlow tracks where your mouse cursor is. This allows you to add mouse click effects and adjust the size of the mouse pointer. You can also choose to display any keys pressed during your screen recordings. Show Keys Pressed feature now enables more control over the look of the keystroke display onscreen.
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Video Annotations

Video Annotations lets you draw circles, squares, lines and arrows over your video content. Because Annotations appear as a separate layer on your timeline, you can then animate them using video actions, or add transitions such as fade in/out.
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Powerful Titling

ScreenFlow supports titling and text objects, including multiple fonts and styles, which enable you to add attractive titles to your screencasts.
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ScreenFlow supports over 15 sophisticated 2D and 3D video transition effects that you can add before, after, and between your clips to add professional polish to your screencasts.
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Chroma Key Support

Transport yourself to a new studio or location using ScreenFlow’s high quality Chroma Key filter. Replace your green (or any color) background with your own video or still image background with a single click.
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Clip Speed and Freeze Frames

Individually adjust the speed of your clips. If you need a segment to last a little longer, or want to demonstrate a time-lapse of your screen recording, you'll find the high-quality video & audio speed adjustments a powerful addition to your toolbox. You can also freeze a single frame of your video, to adjust to the pace of the audio, for example.
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Closed Caption Support

Add closed captions to all your movies. Use ScreenFlow’s caption editor tool to add, edit and publish ADA Compliant soft subtitles as caption tracks to your MPEG-4 movies (suitable for playback with an iPhone & iPad) and YouTube videos. Caption tracks can be created in multiple languages and can also be exported separately as an SRT file.
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Paste a clip into an existing gap in the timeline

Insert a text clip, an annotation clip or any media in your library to fill an existing gap in the timeline. No need to adjust the size of your new clip to fit the available space – this handy feature does it for you.

Nested Clips

Make even the most complex projects more manageable. With a single click, ScreenFlow’s nested clip feature lets you merge multiple elements into a single (nested) clip whose content can be accessed and edited on a separate tabbed timeline.
  • Merge multiple elements into a single (nested) clip on the timeline
  • Access and edit nested content on a separate tabbed timeline
  • Apply filters and video actions to nested clips to join content
See nested clip example


Callouts let you highlight and focus in on the mouse, the front-most window, or any on-screen content. Freehand Callouts let you draw directly onto your screen with a paint brush or rectangle tool. Blur out sensitive data or create a highlighted box around the content you are calling out.
Mouse Callout
Windows Callout
Freehand Callout


ScreenFlow introduces actions to the editing interface. These make it very quick and easy to modify parameters of your screencast over time. For example, adding a video action lets you put zoom & pan effects on your clips, while the audio action lets you adjust volume at different points in your screencast.
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Add More Transitions

Buy new packs of transitions to add a creative flair to your screencasts. Once purchased, these packs appear in the ScreenFlow Transition Inspector, organized by name. Organize and mark your favorite transitions for easy access through the Favorites list.
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Video & Audio Filters

ScreenFlow now has support for a vast array of built-in filters to add more audio control, and added effects to videos and images. Audio effects include EQ, multiband compression, peak limiting, anddelay. Video effects include advanced color adjustments, distortion effects, blurring, alpha mask, color effects, and more.
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Powerful Audio Controls & Edits

Audio filters such as remove background noise and smooth volume give you greater control over the quality of your audio. Detach an audio track from the video to edit audio and video separately, or select Audio Ducking to automatically lower background music whenever a voice over plays.
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Dynamic Update of Media

Save time and eliminate extra steps when you refine media created outside of ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow will offer the option to ‘reload’ modified media. When reloaded, the asset will dynamically update in the library, timeline and canvas. (Not available on the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow).
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Share with the world

ScreenFlow lets you share your screencast with the broadest audience to be viewed in any media player. ScreenFlow supports export to any QuickTime format, including H.264 MOV for playback in the Flash media player. It also supports direct export to Windows Media video with Flip4Mac Studio or Studio Pro HD. The variety of export formats allows you to produce content for any user, regardless what media player they prefer.

Export Quality & Speed

ScreenFlow uses the popular x264 codec for significantly increased quality of H.264 exports. x264 encoding in ScreenFlow also offers significantly faster encoding. ScreenFlow 4.0 runs as a fully 64-bit application under OS X 10.7 Lion and above which improves overall performance, memory usage, export speed, and scalability.

More Publishing Options

Export your screencast directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox or Facebook from within ScreenFlow. When you are done editing your screen recording, simply select "Publish To.." from the menu and choose your chosen destination. Publishing to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook options will upload your exported video directly to your channel or your Facebook page (or to any page or group you manage). The Google Drive and Dropbox publishing options upload your exported video to your drive or storage area for sharing with others. You can choose to publish your video publicly or add authorization for a controlled distribution to a selected group of people
Google Drive

Export Windows Media format

Purchase Flip4Mac Studio or Studio Pro HD, and you can export your videos using Windows Media directly from the export menu using WMV and WMA codecs. (Not available on the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow).

Elgato Turbo Integration

Full integration with Elgato Turbo H.264 hardware allows for speedier exports of your H.264 movies. (Not available on the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow).

Export Settings

ScreenFlow comes with a number of preset export settings for optimal quality (such as Web, iPhone, iPad export setting and more). You can also create your own customized settings and save them for future use.
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Upload Manager

Work even faster when you publish your YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox or Facebook screencasts. Your export will begin, and once complete, the upload will process in the background – allowing you to get back to editing on your timeline. Click the upload manager to view the progress and details of your uploads.

Publish to Flash

Convert your screencast to an all-in-one Flash video presentation, ready for easy upload straight to your website. The HTML, video and Flash player component are automatically created by ScreenFlow in a single step.

Export part of the time line

You may want to quickly test your export settings or export only a select portion of your screencast. You can do this easily by choosing just the section of your screencast you want to export. You can also choose to export only your audio track.

Save Frame

Save any frame of your ScreenFlow project as a PNG file with just a few clicks.

Record your screen.  Edit your video.  Share with the world.

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