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Peter Swartz uses ScreenFlow to make effective video presentations
Peter Swartz, MacProVideo
"Show, don’t tell. Finding the balance between showing and telling is very important to making an effective video presentation."
Joshua Rosenbaum uses ScreenFlow in his screencasting process
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Aaron Nace uses ScreenFlow to make professional screen recordings

Aaron Nace, Phlearn
"I really wanted to add better audio and a dedicated video camera. ScreenFlow is the best option out there when it comes to making professional screen recordings."
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Joshua Rosenbaum uses ScreenFlow in his screencasting process

Joshua Rosenbaum, Mailchimp
"ScreenFlow remains easy and intuitive while still being a powerful and versatile app. I consider it a very elegant application."
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Full Sail University adopts screen capture program as ideal tool for learning and teaching

"We wouldn't be able to teach the highly technical subjects online without a screen capture program like ScreenFlow. The ability to do quick edits after a capture is a great benefit."
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David Besozzi uses ScreenFlow to make professional screen recordings

David Besozzi, educator
"I developed screencasts to help in the delivery of content to my students. They are currently viewing 4 to 5 screencasts every two weeks."
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David Cartier uses ScreenFlow to create screencasts

David Cartier, AgileBits
"ScreenFlow dramatically simplified so many things about the way I create screencasts, switching was a slam dunk."
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David Jenyns uses ScreenFlow to create screen capture tutorials

David Jenyns, Melbourne SEO Services
"You guys have created a fantastic piece of software that we couldn't live without."
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ScreenFlow 5 review: The Mac's best screencasting app gets better with iOS capture
"If you’re producing screencasts on your Mac and not using ScreenFlow, it’s high time you did."  – November 2014, Macworld
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Hands on with ScreenFlow 5
"The improved editing features give me the ability to produce professional quality material right here on my Mac."
– November 2014, Macworld Australia
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ScreenFlow 5.0—A Home Run Upgrade
"A great product gets better. I’ve been using the previous version for quite some time, but this release adds features I’m really excited about."
– November 2014, Victor M Font Jr.
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Screencasting tips and tricks using the NEW ScreenFlow 5.0 from Telestream
"Where I absolutely love using Final Cut Pro X to do my video editing, I find that more often than not, I am opening ScreenFlow to do simple video edits and projects."
– 11/2014 Jeffrey Bradbury, Teachercast.net
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"ScreenFlow is without a doubt my app of choice for creating screencast videos on Mac. ScreenFlow 5 was recently released and brings with it some impressive new features."
– 11/14 POSMAY Media
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24U software

"I just did an iPhone recording and it’s amazing what you guys did!  Fantastic job.  I could not think Screenflow could get any better then 4.0 and you guys come out with this now!"
– Marcelo ewin, Founder of IndieComicsTracker.com 

24U software

"Screenflow is simply the best screen recording software for Mac. The first time I used it, I learned all its features in less than 1 hour. It's the easiest-to-use video cutting software I've seen, even easier than iMovie."


"Since I started using ScreenFlow I've cut my production time in half."
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ScreenFlow is included in Kallysta's educational iPod Kit, a mobile teaching laboratory that is used by teachers at all levels to prepare material for language instruction and other subjects.

Erin Blaskie

"Since I started using ScreenFlow I've cut my production time in half."


"Screenflow has had a measurable impact on my video production costs. It can capture and animate in the one process allowing me to create an intermediate file which has cut my production process from hours to minutes. I love it!"

Keypoint Learning

Keypoint Learning Inc., a Toronto-based eLearning company, uses ScreenFlow to create software and hardware demonstrations for corporate learning applications. These technical tutorials are distributed both online and for use on mobile devices.

Riverview Leadership College

Australian educator Riverview uses ScreenFlow to create training material. Presentations are captured and then video footage and music are added to increase the production quality.

More Reviews

February, 2015, Apfelcheck.de
#3 ScreenFlow: The BEST Macscreencasting tool (my opinion). Also records iOS screens! – December 2014, Dailytekk.com
"I highly recommend ScreenFlow version 5 for any Internet Marketer, IT or Training Professional." – November 2014, Glenncozzens.com
Video software that works for me
"Over the years the folks at Telestream kept adding features and a couple years ago I realized I could do ALL my editing in ScreenFlow and I stopped working in Final Cut Pro 7."  – The Wells Point, 4/15/2014
"All in all, ScreenFlow is a must have for every entrepreneur!"
– Founders Space, 9/2013
"If you’re a screencaster producing videos on a Mac, and you want a capture/editing application that deals equally well with screen capture and live content, ScreenFlow is a must-have."  – Macworld, 5/2013
ScreenFlow: Capturing screens and attention
"This versatile program is a virtual one-stop-shop for creating professional-grade screencasts, demos and tutorials."
– MacDirectory, 2/2013
– February 2015, melamorsicata.it
"The real beauty of the program is that it has been designed so well that when you want to do something all you really need to do is look at the screen controls and somehow it seems obvious how to do it."
– November 2014, The DYI Video Editor
"So, is ScreenFlow 5 worth the upgrade? I am sure it is.."
– IT Enquirer, 11/5/14
ScreenFlow review
"Screenflow is the best professional screen recording software available. It’s easy to use and learn as a new user. Plus, it has all the tools a professional editor needs."  – Macsources.com, 2/2014
Hands-on with ScreenFlow
“A serious professional tool for Mac screen capture and editing into great looking and compelling videos.”  – Macworld Australia, 3/29/2013
"What makes ScreenFlow so amazing is that it does everything and yet somehow doesn't feel like any of its abilities are superfluous."  
– Lifehacker
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