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"I realized pretty quickly that ScreenFlow was a unique blend of power and simplicity. It’s not bogged down with a lot of unnecessary features, but has just the right amount so it remains easy and intuitive while still being a powerful and versatile app. I consider it a very elegant application in that sense."
Online Training

"I really wanted to add better audio and a dedicated video camera. ScreenFlow is the best option out there when it comes to making professional screen recordings."
Online Training

"Show, don’t tell. Finding the balance between showing and telling is very important to making an effective video presentation."

"We wouldn't be able to teach the highly technical subjects online without a screen capture program like ScreenFlow. The ability to do quick edits after a capture is a great benefit."

"I developed screencasts to help in the delivery of content to my students. They are currently viewing 4 to 5 screencasts every two weeks."
Software/iPhone Demos

"ScreenFlow dramatically simplified so many things about the way I create screencasts, switching was a slam dunk."

Corporate Training

A lively video by David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO Services explaining why they use and recommend ScreenFlow. "You guys have created a fantastic piece of software that we couldn't live without."
"Screenflow is the best professional screen recording software available. It’s easy to use and learn as a new user. Plus, it has all the tools a professional editor needs."
–, 2/2014
"All in all, ScreenFlow is a must have for every entrepreneur!"
– Founders Space, 9/2013
"If you’re a screencaster producing videos on a Mac, and you want a capture/editing application that deals equally well with screen capture and live content, ScreenFlow is a must-have." – Macworld, 5/2013
"This product earns our strongest recommendation."  ScreenFlow ranks #1
“A serious professional tool for Mac screen capture and editing into great looking and compelling videos.”
– Macworld Australia, 3/29/2013

More Customer Stories

"Since I started using ScreenFlow I've cut my production time in half."

ScreenFlow is included in Kallysta's educational iPod Kit, a mobile teaching laboratory that is used by teachers at all levels to prepare material for language instruction and other subjects

"Since I started using ScreenFlow I've cut my production time in half."

"Screenflow has had a measurable impact on my video production costs. It can capture and animate in the one process allowing me to create an intermediate file which has cut my production process from hours to minutes. I love it!"

"Since I started using ScreenFlow I've cut my production time in half."

Keypoint Learning Inc., a Toronto-based eLearning company, uses ScreenFlow to create software and hardware demonstrations for corporate learning applications. These technical tutorials are distributed both online and for use on mobile devices.

Riverview Leadership College

Australian educator Riverview uses ScreenFlow to create training material. Presentations are captured and then video footage and music are added to increase the production quality.

Hundreds of ScreenFlow units are used for training programs, enabling Sun to capture what engineers are doing and to qualify product technicians.

More Reviews

"This versatile program is a virtual one-stop-shop for creating professional-grade screencasts, demos and tutorials."
– MacDirectory, 2/2013
"Quindi tirando le somme Screenflow 4, a mio parere, si riconferma come uno dei migliori, se non il migliore, software per Mac dedicato allo screencasting disponibile per Mac ad un prezzo accessibile." – MacForDummies, 1/29/2013
"ScreenFlow is hands-down the best application for recording a "screencast," or a video of your Mac's desktop."
– Mac Life, 1/17/2013
"ScreenFlow 4 is possibly the easiest screencasting solution currently available on OS X." – Locker Gnome, 12/17/2012
"Con esta nueva versión nos encontramos con funcionalidades que dotan a Screenflow capacidades mucho mas allá de un 'simple' grabador de videotutoriales."
– Tecnoblog y Podcast de Treki23, 12/22/2012
"Um zu einem Abschließenden Fazit zu kommen, muss ich sagen, dass Screenflow die mit Abstand beste Screencasting Software für Mac ist und selbst einen Preis von 90 Euro wert ist."
– Apfellike Apple Blog, 11/23/2012
"ScreenFlow to potężne narzędzie, a zarazem bardzo intuicyjne. Już zaledwie kilka chwil pozwala na zaznajomienie się z jego interfejsem i rozpoczęcie pracy."
– blog pawła ratajczaka, 11/21/2012
TheAppStoreOne, 11/20/2012
"ScreenFlow is an excellent screencasting application that is surprisingly easy to learn." – Tiny Tech Review, 11/16/2012
"With these features in place, plus many more, Screenflow is, along with iShowU, one of my personal favorite screen capture applications…" – Macmania, 11/8/2012
"Screenflow 4 is a screen capture package for the Mac with an excellent video editing suite that is better than some of the editing suites I have used. It gives great quality and excellent add-in effects, making it a perfect choice for creating that tutorial (or video review) you wanted to do." – YouTube/netroman28, 11/7/2012
"The much-lauded app for capturing videos of what's happening on your Mac's screen." – Macworld, 10/30/2012
"ScreenFlow is arguably the best screencasting app for the Mac."
– AppStorm, 10/26/2012
"Telestream, the ScreenFlow developer is not resting on its laurels. Today they released ScreenFlow, version 4. This newest version adds several features, both under the hood and behind the steering wheel." – MacSparky, 10/25/2012
"Probably the best thing about ScreenFlow 4 that tops this feature filled software is its price." – Everything FLASH, 10/24/2012

How ScreenFlow is Used

Software Demos

ScreenFlow provides all the elements needed to create professional-looking product demonstrations of software applications, including games. Developers can easily record a demonstration of their software with audio and even separate video. They can easily highlight areas of interest, add text, then edit the whole thing and save it as a video ready to be shared with the world. ScreenFlow provides an easy way to create leads and bring in revenue.
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iPhone App Demos

With ScreenFlow, iPhone developers have a tool to record their applications (using any iPhone simulator, or combined with AirPlay and Reflection), and choose a finger as a mouse pointer as they navigate around their iPhone application. This makes a nice video demo of their iPhone application that they can use to spread the word about their great new app!
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Promotional Videos

ScreenFlow is a perfect tool to help marketers and bloggers create and edit promotional videos. Combine screen recorded video with Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, screen record Skype interviews, or create Picture-in-Picture video with your iSight camera and a second video camera. Add in images, recorded video, a soundtrack, and you've got a polished-looking video promotion.
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Educate Your Students

Teachers can use ScreenFlow to record their lectures, tutorials, or instructions for students, or to create rich-media presentations. Many educators use ScreenFlow to "Flip" their classroom – recording high quality video presentations for students to view for homework, and using class time for more personalized learning.
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Training Your Audience

Professional and corporate trainers use ScreenFlow to provide online, on-demand video training as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to live training. The beauty of ScreenFlow is that they only need to record their message once and students can access the video at any time that fits their schedule.
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Video Editing

In addition to its screen recording capabilities, ScreenFlow provides an easy-to-use, timeline-based video editing interface perfect for editing promotion videos, home movies, demonstrations, and more. Add in images, recorded video, a soundtrack, and you can create your own music video or best picture nominee.
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Record your screen. Edit your video. Share with the world.

ScreenFlow is powerful, easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for the Mac.

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