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Switch began as an idea from our own developers and employees. We wanted a player that could open and play any file. We wanted to be able to inspect that file. And we wanted to be able to make changes to that file – all in one easy-to-use tool.
Listen to Shawn Carnahan, CTO of Telestream, talk about Switch and why Telestream is uniquely positioned to develop such a tool.


Telestream Switch
"For many editors, Apple QuickTime Player Pro (not QuickTime Player X) has been their go-to media player and encoding application. Since this is a discontinued piece of software and Apple is actively deprecating QuickTime with each new version of Mac OS X, it stands to reason that at some point QuickTime Player Pro will cease to function. Telestream – maker of the highly-regarded Episode encoder – plans to be ready with Switch."
– digitalfilms, October 2015

Review: Telestream’s Switch v1.5
"Telestream’s Switch is the professional media and metadata inspector I have been dreaming of — it just so happens to do some transcoding too. Switch displays just the right amount of info you want to look at without having to be bogged down by menus and choices."
– postPerspective, May 2015
 Telestream Switch Review and Features Explained
"Switch by Telestream has received positive rating and review by its existing users. If you have used any one of the Telestream products such as ScreenFlow on your Mac before, then there is no need of introduction about the richness and quality of this software." – DailyTUT, September 2015

Telestream’s Switch video Player/Inspector lives up to its promise
"The Inspector is what makes Switch a really powerful tool that every semi-pro/pro video editor should have….Switch is a must-have if you’re an active video producer/editor. Telestream released an introduction to Switch on their website and from the explanation it’s clear the first version is only just the beginning." – IT Enquirer, August 2014

Press Mentions

To B or Not to B (Frame That Is)
Sometimes a new tool reveals information in a new way that causes you to rethink the importance of different encoding parameters. For example, check out this screen from Telestream Switch Pro (the $295 version, not the free version) – Streaming Learning Center, 2/15/2016

Editing Additions: New Applications to Advance Your Workflow
In this article, Oliver Peters outlines several new applications to advance your workflow, including Switch – Creative Planet Network, 1/1/2016
Understanding & using the breakthrough XAVC Long GOP códec/file format
"The only piece of transcoding software I currently have installed in my MacBook Air that has been able to read and transcode professional XAVC Long GOP files so far has been Telestream’s Switch.”Pro Video Coalition, February 2015


Shawn Carnahan, CTO of Telestream, talks about Switch
– Telestream, June 2014

NAB Show video interview – Lynn Elliott runs through new Switch multiformat media player
– BroadcastShow, April 2014

Video: Making the Switch with Telestream (NAB Show 2014)
Larry Jordan interviews Kevin Louden discussing Switch during this NAB Show video interview – Digital Production BuZZ, April 2014


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