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Switch began as an idea from our own developers and employees. We wanted a player that could open and play any file. We wanted to be able to inspect that file. And we wanted to be able to make changes to that file – all in one easy-to-use tool.

Listen to Shawn Carnahan, CTO of Telestream, talk about Switch and why Telestream is uniquely positioned to develop such a tool.

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Editing Additions: New Applications to Advance Your Workflow
In this article, Oliver Peters outlines several new applications to advance your workflow, including Switch – Creative Planet Network, 1/1/2016

Understanding & using the breakthrough XAVC Long GOP códec/file format
"The only piece of transcoding software I currently have installed in my MacBook Air that has been able to read and transcode professional XAVC Long GOP files so far has been Telestream’s Switch.”Pro Video Coalition, February 2015