Why use Timed Text Speech


Get results in minutes instead of days, save time by reviewing results online while the speech engine continues processing

Easy to use

Just upload a media file, we transcribe the audio and return timed text in a variety of formats (SRT, SCC)

Cost effective

Priced per minute of transcribed media, pay only for what you use


Supports multiple languages including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK and US), French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish (Castilian, Latin American, and North American)

Highly accurate transcription

Improve results using custom vocabularies (names, acronyms, places, specialized terms)

Integrates with existing tools

Transcribe directly from within MacCaption or CaptionMaker

Who should use Timed Text Speech?

Content creators in need to produce captions and subtitles for time-sensitive content that must be aired on TV or the Internet with short turnaround times, as well as short-form content such as promos that require captioning.

Captioning service companies looking for time-efficient solution to speed up their service with cost-effective and easy-to-use automated transcription option.

Corporations, government organizations and educational institutions wishing to bring captioning in-house.

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How it works

Timed Text Speech uses the latest Machine Learning (ML) based technology to accurately transcribe human speech (extracted from a video) into time stamped text.

The transcript can then be edited and formatted for a variety of caption and subtitle standards.

Using the Telestream Cloud console:

  • Create a transcription project, add optional vocabulary terms and select a timed text file format (SRT, JSON, CSV)
  • Upload a video file to the project
  • Telestream Cloud extracts the audio and the transcribed results appear in the web console
  • Review and edit the transcription
  • Download the timed text file
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Standard pricing for Timed Text Speech transcriptions



990 minutes
of transcription included in the plan

for each additional minute



11,100 minutes
of transcription included in the plan

for each additional minute


For large volume custom plans that exceed standard subscriptions, please contact our sales team.

All plans include email support with 1 day response time.

Platinum Support Pricing – Greater of $100 or 22% of monthly total (subscription and overages)

Telestream Cloud Pricing Calculator

How are minutes calculated?

We’re applying multipliers based on computing resources required to perform QC checks. In cases where a number of multipliers are applicable they will be applied. Minimum duration for billing for QC service is 5 minutes of SD or HD content. Multipliers apply - e.g. for 4K/UHD or with PSE check included content minimum duration is 10 minutes. Unused minutes included in subscription are not carried over to the next billing period.




Standard Transcription
Standard Transcription with proxy video 1.4x 10 minutes of standard transcription with proxy video count as 14 minutes
Custom Vocabulary Transcription 2x 10 minutes of transcription with custom vocabulary counts as 20 minutes
Custom Vocabulary Transcription with proxy video 2.4x 10 minutes of custom vocabulary transcription with proxy video count as 24 minutes

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