Choose the encoding/transcoding software solution that’s right for you.

For more than a decade Telestream has been providing world-class media encoding and transcoding solutions.
Today we offer a broad range of software products: from desktop applications priced under $600, to robust, server-based solutions. Whether you’re looking for hands-on craft encoding or hands-free automated processing, we have a solution for you.

Telestream file-based software encoding/transcoding solutions

$594 - $5,994
$5,500 & up
Dual Mac or Windows desktop/server  
Enterprise-class Windows server software  
Broad format support
Optimized for post-production and new media workflows
Optimized for broadcast workflows and compliance  
Adaptive bitrate encoding and packaging  
HEVC/H.265 support  
Strong Avid integrations  
Image Quality & Processing
10-bit 4:4:4:4 image processing  
16-bit YUV 4:4:4:4 image processing  
Speed and Throughput
Optimized for fast workstation clustering  
Optimized for resilient server clustering  
GPU acceleration with Lightspeed server  
Optimized for hands-on operator controlled encoding  
Fully-automated, administrator-controlled encoding  
Automates watch folder monitoring, processing & delivery
Media analysis, QC, and intelligent decision-making  
Captioning Support
Support for standard definition 608 captions  
Deep Caption Support  
Server Farms and Failover
Works across a cluster of workstations or servers  
Binds an array of servers with load-balancing, redundancy, failover