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AdManager Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vantage replace AdManager (or TrafficManager) for FlipFactory?

TrafficManager on the Vantage platform is a next generation product available for both FlipFactory AdManager and TrafficManager customers. Vantage offers significant new benefits beyond the FlipFactory platform and has been designed specifically for modern commercial workflows. For more information about the new features in TrafficManager for Vantage, please click here.

Why can't I install Flip Factory on my F drive (or other drive) when there isn't enough space on my C drive?

You can install FlipFactory on any partition you select. HOWEVER, the installer uses space on the C drive for the installation process. Make sure there is at least 350MB of free space on your C drive before installing FlipFactory.

How can I quickly access a Remote FlipFactory Server from my desktop computer?

If you wish to control a FlipFactory server from a remote PC, you might want to take advantage of being able to put a FlipFactory Applet icon on the client PC desktop. This can be easily accomplished by taking the following steps.

  • Copy the launch.hta file from Program Files\Telestream\FlipFactory\HTTP on the FlipFactory Server
  • Paste file somewhere easily accessible on client system.
  • Right click on the launch.hta file you just pasted on the client system and select "Open With." Select "Word Pad" and modify the file so that local host is changed to the ip address or DNS of the Server. Save the launch.hta file.
  • Copy the FlipFactory applet shortcut icon from the server to your desktop.
  • Right click on the FlipFactory applet shortcut now on the client desktop.
  • Type in the path to the launch.hta file you've copied to the file on your client system into the Target field in FlipFactory Applet Properties.
  • Select Apply and then OK.

Your applet should now allow you to quickly launch a remote FlipFactory Server on the network. Or, you can open your IE browser and type: http://ip address of flipfactory server:9000

How can I tell which files are being monitored?

System Status window shows all active monitors. If you've deleted an account and the monitors are still active, you will need to restart your FlipEngine from the Server's Task Manager.

How do I know what licenses are active?

You can check your license status by click on the "About" button on the FlipFactory console.

Why can't I browse my network from the Submit window?

You need to set your java permissions to (Settings/Control Panel/Internet Options/Security/Custom Levels/Java Custom Settings) enable Miscellaneous Java permissions.

How can I password protect my Quicktime Sorenson 3 media files?

Select the Media Key option in the Sorenson 3 codec and enter a password. When the clip is opened, you will be prompted for your password.

My FF applet reports back with a "Cannot display page" error

  1. Check to see if the Flip Engine is started. Windows 2000: display the Services window in Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Windows NT: display the control panel.
  2. If the Flip Engine is started, determine if HTTP port 9000 is already in use by another application or service. If so change the HTTP port number to an unused port number above 9000.

I get an error message that I am missing the proper license.

  1. Make sure the License.DAT file provided by Telestream has been placed in: "Program Files\Telestream\FlipFactory\License" folder.
  2. You must re-boot the server after installing the license file.
  3. You may be attempting to flip your media into a format that is not supported in your license. At the top of the console, click "About" to display your license capabilities.

After a restart or boot up when I click on the shortcut to the FF applet nothing happens.

Flip Factory service takes a while to start while enumerating all the decoders, encoders and plug-ins After a minute try the shortcut again.

How can I brand my video output

If you have an unbranded license and want to add a message to your video output, such as "Produced by Telestream FlipFactory," go to regedit, then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Telestream/FlipServer and make a new key called Settings then a new String Value called branding.title. Modify and enter the text you want to appear such as Produced by Telestream FlipFactory.

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