ClipMail Software Downloads

Attention, ClipMail, ClipExpress & ClipRemote Users! Once installed, your new software will be accessable from the Start menu under Program Files/Telestream/ClipMail.

There are known incompatibilities between ClipMail Version 5.1 software and older versions of ClipMail Version 4.0.  If you are running Vs. 4.0.12292 or earlier and someone using a new or updated ClipMail tries to send to you, that clip will not play.  We strongly urge all ClipMail customers to upgrade to the latest Version 5.1 to avoid this problem.

Caution: Downgrading certain ClipMail Pros may render it inoperable

Step 1 - Update your Telestream appliance

Go to the 5.1 Software Installer Page
If you plan to use the Enhanced Playback feature, please contact Telestream Support prior to download.

Step 2 - Update the remote network application on your computer

Go to the 5.1 ClipMail Client Installer Page

For Macintosh Users: get the latest Apple Java: for Panther Java Update 1.4.2 or for Jaguar Java Update 1.4.1


ClipMail User Guide
ClipMail Release Notes