Check out this tutorial to learn how to install and activate Episode:

Here are some of the most common license activation questions:

  • License error

    Episode reports a license error, but I have a valid license.

    The license file may be corrupted. Please do the following:

    First, deactivate your license:

    • Mac: Go to Episode > Preferences > License > -
    • Windows: Go to Tools > Preferences > License > Deactivate

    Then, close Episode.

    Next, delete the Episode Node.XML file from the Episode application data folder:

    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Episode/
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Telestream\Episode 6\Node.xml
    • Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\Telestream\Episode 6\Node.xml

    Now, restart Episode, and reactivate your license:

    • Mac: Go to Episode > Preferences > License > +
    • Windows: Go to Tools > Preferences > License > Activate
  • -25005 Maximum Activations Error

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "The maximum number of activations has been reached" appears. How do I fix this?

    Our software End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) states that you may only have your license activated on one (1) computer at a time.

    To activate your single license on a second computer you must first deactivate the license on the original machine and install and activate the license on your second system.

    Here is some helpful information on how to deactivate and activate your license:
    How to deactivate your license on Episode

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The Episode plug-in to Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to select a clip, timeline, or portion of a timeline and submit the selected content to an Episode system or cluster for encoding and deployment.
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