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  • Episode XML-RPC Example Projects
    ◊  XmlRpcSubmitExample
        Command line java app showing how to make a simple submission via XML-RPC
    ◊  XmlRpcEdlSubmitExample
        Command line java app showing how to submit an EDL source via XML-RPC
    ◊  XmlRpcStatusWorkflowsExample
        Command line java app showing how to sumbit a workflow to Episode via XML-RPC, then
        retrieve status information for the submitted workflow
    ◊  IseqSubmissionUIExample
        Java GUI based app (Swing) showing how to submit image sequences via XML-RPC
    ◊  BonjourDiscoveryExample
        Java GUI based app (Swing) showing how to use the Apple DNSSD (Bonjour) libraries to obtain information on Episode nodes, clusters, and XML-RPC servers present on the local network
    ◊  Readme

Episode Developer API Kit* ($850/year per Episode Engine license)
For Episode Engine developers who want extra support for their API integrations, the "Episode Developer API Kit" option provides:

  • Technical/engineering support to help you with your API integrations

To purchase the Episode Developer API Kit, contact Deb Newhouse.

*Requires current Episode Engine Maintenance and Support Agreement.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-in

The Episode plug-in to Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to select a clip, timeline, or portion of a timeline and submit the selected content to an Episode system or cluster for encoding and deployment.
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