Check out this tutorial to learn how to activate your Flip4Mac and Flip Player products:

Here are some of the most common license activation questions:

  • "Activate" button is grayed out

    When trying to activate the Player Pro v3 license (AA2B00....), the "Activate" button remains grayed out.

    To fix this activation issue you MUST install Flip4Mac v3 to activate. If Flip4Mac software version 2 is still installed the v3 serial number will not activate.

    If you do not have this version installed, please follow the instructions below:

    • Please download Flip4Mac v3
    • Click the "Download 3.x" on the left, this will install the free basic version you need in order to activate your license:
    • There is NO requirement for the registration name. This field can be left blank or you can enter your name.
    • You can activate by going into System Preferences (Apple in the upper left) > Flip4Mac > Upgrade tab > Open the Lock > Enter serial number. The "Activate" button should highlight for you now.
  • -2003 Engine Not Installed

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "There has been a licensing problem. Engine could not be not installed (-2003)."

    To fix this error, please try the following:

    • Go to Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks and delete the following folders:
        •  EWSMac.framework
        •  EWSMac-GC.framework
    • Please visit and download the Engine Updater for Mac OS X. Then, run the updater and try your activation again.
  • -25005 Maximum Activations Error

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "The maximum number of activations has been reached" appears. How do I fix this?

    The Telestream product licenses are padded with one additional activation for use on a laptop or other secondary computer. If all activations are in use, it will not allow you to activate on an additional computer.

    Licenses can be deactivated by using the Deactivate License button in the Upgrade pane in System Preferences > Flip4Mac.

    Telestream's technical support staff can also reset your activations remotely for your convenience.

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