Check out this tutorial to learn how to activate Flip4Mac:

Here are some of the most common license activation questions:

  • -2009 ESellerateErr

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "There has been a licensing problem. ESellerateErr -2009."

    Please download Flip Player. Once you install Flip Player into your Applications, Launch Flip Player > Preferences > License > Click the lock "bottom left" > Enter Serial Number".

    Once you activate, open your Flip4Mac 3.3.x.dmg and run the installer. You will NOT be asked to enter a serial number since you have already activated. Once the installer has successfully completed, you should have access to viewing windows media files.

  • "Activate" button is grayed out

    When trying to activate the Flip4Mac license, the "Activate" button remains grayed out.

    To fix this activation issue you MUST install Flip4Mac v3 to activate. If Flip4Mac software version 2 is still installed the v3 serial number will not activate.

    If you do not have this version installed, please follow the instructions below:

    • Please download Flip4Mac v3
    • Open the installer, double-click Flip4Mac.pkg
    • Click “Continue” through the menus
    • Click “Agree” to the terms of the software license agreement.
    • Select “Enter Serial Number”
    • Copy and paste the serial number provided above, click “Activate”.
    • Enter your password as requested (you may be asked more than once)

    If the activate button continues to be grayed out, please contact support

  • Engine could not be installed (-2003)

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "There has been a licensing problem. Engine could not be not installed (-2003)."

    To fix the Engine error, please delete the following files and run the engine updater:

    • Go to Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks and delete:
      ◊ TSLicense.framework
      ◊ EWSMac.framework (if available)
      ◊ EWSMac-GC.framework (if available)
    • Also look under: ~User > Library > Frameworks folder and delete:
      ◊ EWSMac.framework
      ◊ EWSMac-GC.framework
    • Please visit and download the Engine Updater for
      Mac OS X. Then, run the updater and try the activation again after that.
  • -25005 Maximum Activations Error

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "The maximum number of activations has been reached" appears. How do I fix this?

    Our software End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) states that you may only have your license activated on one (1) computer at a time.

    To activate your single license on a second computer you must first deactivate the license on the original machine and install and activate the license on your second system.

    Here is some helpful information on how to deactivate and activate your license:
    How to deactivate your license on Flip4Mac

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Current Versions

Flip4Mac 3.3

Supports OS X 10.7 and later

Flip Player 3.2.1

Supports OS X 10.7 and later