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Article 0014
Flip4Mac WMV Components
Subject: Activation Questions

If you purchased your product via the Flip4Mac web store, it may take up to 20 minutes for the serial number to be validated. Please be patient.

Some customers have trouble when entering their serial numbers and name. Please be careful to enter zeros (we don't use the letter O) and to enter your name exactly as it appears on your receipt. Using cut and paste is helpful in avoiding errors.

If you enter your serial number and it seems to activate but your Flip4Mac plug-in still behaves as if it's in trial mode, double check your System Preferences. It could be that because you were not logged on as administrator, your activation code was not retained. To resolve, logon as administrator and click the unlock icon at the bottom of the upgrade system preference pane to enter gain administrator access.

The Flip4Mac WMV Components allow two activations. If you've already installed and activated Flip4Mac on your editing workstation and your laptop, and you try to install and activate a Flip4Mac license again, you will receive a message telling you that you've used up all of your activations. If you replace one of these computers, you can select Deactivate Serial Number from System Preferences/Flip4Mac WMV/Upgrade on the machine where you no longer need to have Flip4Mac. Then you will be able to activate your license on your new Mac.