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Article 0050
WMV Import & Export Components
Subject: Can't find the Flip4Mac application
Date: 10/9/06

The Flip4Mac WMV Player is a QuickTime plug-in, allowing you to play WMV files on your Mac in the QuickTime Player. So, you won't see a real software application. Its seamless integration allows you to do what you need to do, without any extra hassle. The way to verify that the Flip4Mac WMV player has been installed properly, is to go to the Apple menu/System Prefs. If you see Flip4Mac WMV Player under Other, you can rest assured that Flip4Mac will work for you!

A WMV Player icon can be found in the Applications folder and a shortcut placed in your Dock, enabling drag and drop capabilities for WMV files.

To purchase, go to System Prefs/Flip4Mac WMV/Upgrade and select Purchase License. As long as your Mac is connected to the Internet, your license will be automatically activated when you complete the purchase wizard.