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Article 0064
Flip4Mac WMV Components
Subject: Playing .mms streams in iTunes

.mms radio feeds (such as mms:// normally only play in VLC or Windows Media Player. But with the now-free Flip4Mac plug-in installed, you can make them play in iTunes like any other streaming radio station.

  1. Make sure the Flip4Mac plug-in is installed -- this will allow you to play the streaming .mms URL in QuickTime.
  2. Open QuickTime Player, then use File: Open URL (or just hit Command-U)
  3. Type in your URL -- in my example, that's mms:// (Boston sports radio), then click OK. The URL will take a while to open; be patient, let it buffer as needed.
  4. Save the stream as a .mov file using File: Save As, etc. Just save it to your Desktop as an ordinary .mov file; name it as you'd like.
  5. Drag the .mov file you just created into your iTunes Library.
  6. Play the movie file in iTunes. It will again take some time to buffer and stream, and it will not show up in iTunes as a streaming radio URL, but it will play as one.