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Article 0083
WMV Components
Subject: Installer can't find disk
Date: 11/7/2008

Installer Can't Find Disk

Our tests indicate that this problem seems to be linked to having File Vault turned on.  The common workaround for users who have a problem installing Flip4Mac because they get an error message telling them that Flip4mac can't find disk named "your name" (for instance) is to have them turn off File Vault.  HOWEVER, some users do not have enough space left on their hard drive to turn off File Vault.  There is another workaround that can be used.  Move the Flip4Mac WMV.mpkg file to some location other than the user's folder.  For example, move it to the top of the root drive, any other mounted drive on the computer, or even in /Users/Shared.   As long as it's outside of the FileVault protected area, the plugin should work correctly.