Frequently Asked Questions


What comes with Telestream Lightspeed Server?

The Telestream Lightspeed Server is a Windows Server 2008 system that includes multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and the software necessary to accelerate Vantage Transcode products.


What products does Telestream Lightspeed Server accelerate?  How fast does it go?

The Telestream Lightspeed Server accelerates Vantage Transcode, Transcode Pro, and Transcode Multiscreen.  Within these products, it accelerates full 16-bit 4:4:4:4 video processing on the GPU, and H.264 encoding. 

For Vantage Transcode and Transcode Pro, this can make transcoding as much as three to five times faster for a single job, and a Telestream Lightspeed Server can offer more than double the throughput of a similar, CPU-only Windows Server.  Actual benchmarks and throughput will vary depending upon your transcode settings, please contact Telestream Sales for an analysis of your transcoding needs.

The Telestream Lightspeed Server is required for Vantage Transcode Multiscreen.  In addition to accelerated H.264 and video processing, Transcode Multiscreen will leverage information between multiple concurrent GPU-accelerated encodes for multi-rate or adaptive bitrate H.264 encoding.  This provides encoding speeds as much as ten to twenty times faster than CPU-only solutions, all within a fully automated ingest, packaging and delivery workflow.

For more information about the specific hardware included in the Telestream Lightspeed Server, please refer to the datasheet.


Does the Telestream Lightspeed Server come with a warranty?

The Telestream Lightspeed Server comes with a 1-year warranty, which may be extended in future years.  Advanced hardware replacement can be purchased for an additional charge.


Can I use my own hardware to run Vantage Transcode, Transcode Pro and Multiscreen with GPU acceleration?

No, a Telestream Lightspeed Server is required in these cases.  The Lightspeed Server includes both a cost-effective, fully qualified hardware platform, and also the necessary software, to leverage our GPU acceleration technology for H.264 encoding and video processing.


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