Sales and development of MAPreview has been discontinued as of August 17, 2012. Support will continue.

If you require support, please submit a Support Inquiry.

MAPreview Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Microsoft .Net platform 2.0 when using MAP version 2.0.2?

No. Do not install Microsoft .Net platform 2.0 when using MAP 2.0.2 as it will break the functions of this version of MAP. If this is installed just uninstall it from Add and remove programs and the functions of MAP will return

How do I use the web client in MAP 2.1?

You need to install Microsoft J# 2.0 prior to installing the MAP Web Client

How do I save capture settings?

Capture settings can be saved by backing up the capture.xml file located in the capture folder in the root directory where MAP is installed.

How do I verify that the channel is ready to capture?

Attach to the Osprey feed using Windows Media Encoder. This will verify that media is incoming to the channel.

How should the MAP services be logged in as?

All the MAP services if used should be logged in as "MAPreview" or "MAPreview" and have administrator privilege