Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install TrafficManager?

    TrafficManager is part of the Vantage platform and is a fully integrated product within Vantage.  To install TrafficManager, simply install Vantage 6.0 or later and ensure that you select “TrafficManager” as part of the installation.

  • What Vantage products are included within TrafficManager?

    TrafficManager includes a variety of unique features including integrations with national digital delivery services, a web upload page, dub list analysis and monitoring capability, and automation system notifications.

    TrafficManager also includes Vantage Analysis and five seats of the Vantage Workflow Portal.

    Finally, TrafficManager includes either Transcode Pro Connect (for the Broadcast version of TrafficManager) or Transcode IPTV VOD and Transcode Connect (for the Cable/IPTV version of TrafficManager).

  • What options are available for TrafficManager?

    As part of the Vantage platform, TrafficManager benefits from complete integration with any other Vantage product, and can be extended with any of the other Vantage products and options.  Some options are:

    • Post Producer (which may be used to automatically generate slates)
    • Transcode Multiscreen (for adaptive bit rate encoding and packaging)
    • Analysis Pro (adds QC, Dolby E detection, and integration with MediaInfo)
    • Dolby E decode or pass through
    • Avid AMT encoding and delivery to Interplay (requires either the Broadcast version of TrafficManager, or Transcode Pro Connect)
    • Cinnafilm Tachyon video processing
    • Dolby DP600 integration
    • Aspera Faspex Delivery
    • Signiant Delivery
    • Interra Baton QC integration
    • Nexidia QC integration
    • Digimetrics Aurora QC integration
    • Vidcheck Vidchecker QC integration
    • Civolution Nexguard PreRelease watermarking
    • Nielsen watermarking
    • Advanced Task Scheduling
    • Web System Health Dashboards
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Is an SDK available to submit jobs to TrafficManager?

    Yes. The Vantage SDK is used for this and you can download the SDK and supporting documentation here.
    The SDK supports WCF, SOAP, and REST API.

  • Can I write plug-ins for TrafficManager?

    If you are a vendor interested in working with Telestream to develop a Vantage plug-in, please contact us at

  • Is everything that is available in FlipFactory TrafficManager also available in Vantage?

    No, Vantage offers significantly more capability than FlipFactory, but certain features are only available in FlipFactory TrafficManager. With the Vantage 6.0 release the following features are only in FlipFactory:

    • VYVX catch server integrations
    • IPV MPEG-1, PacketVideo, Quantel SD, Abekas and MAV70 encoding
    • Native automation system integrations for: Avid Sundance, Crispin, Florical, Harris, MicroFirst, Nverzion, Omnibus, Pro-Bel, ProTrack and VCI.
      • Note: Vantage includes BXF file notification and CSV and TXT dub list notification, which allow integration with many leading automation systems. Other native automation system integrations will be added in subsequent releases.
  • Is FlipFactory still an active product? Can I still buy FlipFactory?

    Yes, FlipFactory is being actively maintained and new software updates will be released in 2016.

  • Can I mix FlipFactory and Vantage in the same Array?

    No. FlipFactory and Vantage are separate products and cannot be mixed into a single cluster or Array.

  • I have an SDK integration with FlipFactory, will this work with Vantage?

    Vantage offers some limited SDK emulation for FlipFactory; for simple integrations you may be able to simply replace FlipFactory with Vantage. Please contact sales for more information about this SDK emulation capability.

  • Can I install Vantage on a FlipFactory server?

    No. Please use virtual machines or a different server if you are running Vantage.