Frequently Asked Questions

Wirecast Go is a mobile livestreaming app for your iPhone. It converts your iPhone into a live broadcast studio. It allows iPhone users to share their experience, whether it is a live concert, spontaneous flash mob or breaking news.

Wirecast Go is available for download the Apple App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 9 or higher. 3GB of available storage recommended.

At this time, Wirecast Go is only available on the iPhone. Android support is currently in development.

Wirecast Go is available as a free download from the App Store. This free version provides the user with basic streaming:
  • Three layers to allow you to add graphics or images from your iPhone photo library
  • The ability to switch between images and the live stream on the fly limited to 2 shots
  • Unlimited streaming to YouTube (normal data rates apply.)
  • Basic editing features resize - or remove graphics
  • Stream in portrait or landscape mode
You can also upgrade for $5.99 within the application to unlock additional features:
  • Allows streaming to any RTMP destination
  • Unlimited shots
  • highlights from the live production

No. at this time Wirecast Go is only supported on the iPhone. Look for this addition in future updates.

In the free version of Wirecast Go, you can live stream to YouTube, With the $5.99 upgrade, you can stream to any RTMP streaming provider.

The free version allows you to switch between 2 saved shots. The $5.99 upgrade allows you to switch between an unlimited number of shots.

You can add graphics files and still images that are saved in your photo library. The three layers will allow you to overlay logos, pictures or images onto your live stream. Prerecorded videos are not supported.

No, you do not need to own Wirecast in order to use Wirecast Go. They are two separate applications.

Wirecast Go will stream live to YouTube (Free version) or to any other RTMP destination (Upgrade). Wirecast Cam will transmit a live video stream over the network to Wirecast only.

Wirecast Go allows you to share your streaming information by tapping the "Share" icon within the application. You can share on Twitter, Facebook, instant message or email.

Yes you can send and receive chats, share your stream and see how many viewers you have directly from the Wirecast Go interface.

Yes, Wirecast Go allows you to switch your screen orientation during the stream from Portrait to Landscape and back.

Wirecast Go is supported on these devices: iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus running iOS 9 or higher.