TrafficManager for FlipFactory

Features & Benefits

HD commercial/syndication support

Supports HD syndication (Pathfire) or commercial (DG FastChannel, Extreme Reach, DMDS, Spot Genie,
On The Spot, Hula MX) workflows. Includes decode support for Transport Stream HD files with the preservation of VANC data, including 708 captions, through to broadcast and cable servers

Extended MVL Notification

SeaChange MVL support now includes population and pass-through of spot metadata (agency, ID, etc.) to the MVL server.

H.264 Encoder

Support for interlaced and progressive H.264 within Program Stream, Transport Stream, and M4V formats. Audio support for AAC or PCM audio. Supports import of MainConcept .MEF profiles, allowing video encoding parameters to be set up within the MainConcept desktop interface and then imported into FlipFactory

Grass Valley GXF, MXF

Support for 720p HD formats, also support for encoding long-GOP MXF compatible with Grass Valley Profile or K2 servers

Harris / Leitch HD Encoding Support

Full support for decoding and encoding of Leitch HD files, including preservation/generation of VANC data for closed captions

Cable / VOD / Transport Stream

Added generation of HD 708 closed captions during encode, either synthesized from a 608 source or passed through from a 708 source. Also added ability to generate multiple audio streams, each with a different language (or channel mapping from the source); allows mixing of 6.0 and 2.0 material, as well as splitting languages between audio streams

Automates ingest to playout

Simplify receipt and redistribution of commercials, syndicated content and other digital media from digital delivery servers reducing time and effort in moving new media through Traffic and into Operations

Single collection point

Localizes content for station personnel to receive and track media from digital delivery services or local sources. Reduces staff workload and training requirements and improves efficiency


Replace tape and analog-to-digital conversions with faster, more efficient digital media file transfer

Best in class "Factory" automation

Hands-free processing; simply set rules for where to look for source files, what to do with them, and where to deliver them

Extensive format support

The industry's broadest and deepest file format support

Consistent, scalable, reliable

Set up factories once for consistent high-quality output results; scale across multiple servers; add 24/7 reliability for critical workflows

Create low-res proxies

Provides access to desktop review and approval from anywhere in the facility

Supports all major broadcast server and leading VOD server brands and models

For TV stations with multiple server brands or those looking to upgrade to newer hardware, TrafficManager makes the migration easy

Notifies automation systems

Automatically notifies automation systems that new content has been placed on the broadcast server and is ready for playout

Automatically corrects audio levels

TrafficManager analyzes the incoming media's audio levels, suggests gain correction, and automatically corrects audio level

Indexing and keyframe extraction

Automatically extract key attributes such as scene detection, key frame, closed caption, time code and audio levels from source media

Clip trimming

Trim media files of unwanted bumpers and trailers - simple user interface allows for frame accurate trimming of all input formats

Gathers metadata provided by the digital delivery servers and passes it along to traffic and automation systems

Information made available by the digital delivery server is passed on to the Traffic account and automation systems. Metadata includes ISCI codes, Title, Client, Agency, Product Name, Duration, SOM and EOM

Overlays can be added anywhere in the picture

Embed an overlay such as a watermark into your video to protect your assets. Supports many image file formats including PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, LBM, PCX, PNG, PPM, TARGA, TIFF, and WBMP

Transport plug-in architecture

Enables seamless integration with specialized and user-provided plug-ins, making it easy to get media on and off various devices

Supports notify and submit plug-in architectures

Allows you to combine the power of TrafficManager with applications such as Virage VideoLogger, IBM VideoCharger, and IPV SpectreView.

Mac and Windows client support

In addition to Windows, the FlipFactory user interface runs on Apple Mac OS X operating system and Safari Web browser, providing convenient desktop access to media files for Mac users

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