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Extend your workflow with the following product options:


  • Enables 3rd party systems to access and control Vantage workflows through a web services interface
  • Allows REST, SOAP (WSDL) and WCF integrations with Vantage
  • The SDK package includes overview, documentation and programming samples

Multi-Language Screen Subtitling

  • Full integration with Screen Subtitling software
  • Allows you to automatically add open, burnt-in subtitles to your video workflow for delivery to multiple outlets
  • Supports integration with Screen MediaMate for DVB subtitle insertion

Download the Screen Subtitling partner solution


Dolby E audio processing

  • Provides direct, single-step Dolby E processing which saves time, effort and money
  • Optimizes distribution of surround and multichannel audio within existing two-channel broadcast and post-production infrastructures
  • Accepts, transcodes and passes through Dolby E embedded source media files
  • Automatically decodes and re-encodes Dolby E audio to an extensive range of audio formats and wrappers for distribution to broadband, mobile, VOD and other distribution platforms
  • Provides direct pass-through of clean Dolby E embedded audio files to all the leading video servers and editing systems, without degradation of source files
  • Please contact Telestream directly for specific format support

Avid AAF/MXF encoding and delivery into Interplay

  • Encodes AAF and OpAtom MXF files for Avid
  • Allows delivery for MediaComposer or directly into Interplay
  • Uses Interplay Web Services; does not require Transfer Engine
  • Please contact Telestream directly for supported Interplay versions and file formats

Screen MediaMate

  • Screen MediaMate software for subtitle and captioning workflows is integrated directly into Vantage.
  • Insert VANC subtitles into MXF or DVB subtitles into Transport Streams.
  • Extract Teletext or 608 caption data from media files.
  • Convert between subtitle file formats.
  • Generate file formats for Web captioning such as SMPTE 2052, WebVTT or iTunes Timed Text.

Cinnafilm Tachyon

  • World class Standards Conversion and Video Correction integrated directly into Vantage Transcode and Transcode Pro.
  • Runs on the Telestream Lightspeed server using GPU acceleration.

Download the Tachyon VPL Application Note


Dolby DP600

  • Direct control of the Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer from Vantage.
  • Submit work orders to DP600 profiles from within a Vantage workflow, use DP600 output files in subsequent workflow steps and monitor work order status from within Vantage.
  • Allows audio Encoding , Decoding and Cross-Conversion of DolbyE, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus as well as other audio formats.
  • Performs Downmixing, Upmixing and Automated Loudness and Metadata correction.

Aspera faspex™ delivery

  • Automated deliver of media and associated files directly to Aspera faspex™ Servers
  • Aspera fasp™ transport technology can achieve delivery speeds many times faster than standard FTP and HTTP
  • Select from an address list or Aspera dropbox

Download the Aspera Application Note


Signiant delivery

  • Signiant transfer technology increases bandwidth efficiency for moving very large files over existing networks
  • Faster than standard FTP and HTTP, while delivering end-to-end security, reliability and bandwidth control
  • Supports multiple Signiant server locations

Download the Signiant Application Note


Automated Quality Control (QC)

  • Full integration QC options for Interra Baton, Digimetrics Aurora, and VidCheck VidChecker
  • Fully automated QC can be performed within any Vantage workflow
  • QC driven decisions allows for quality problems to be identified and dealt with quickly thus saving time and money
  • Generate QC reports in PDF or XML

Download the Baton Application Note
Download the Aurora Application Note
Download the VidChecker Application Note


Civolution NexGuard

  • Vantage integration with Civolution’s NexGuard Pre-Release forensic watermarking
  • Deterrent against content piracy
  • Adds traceable watermarking into outgoing content