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Aspera faspex™ delivery

  • Automated deliver of media and associated files directly to Aspera faspex™ Servers
  • Aspera fasp™ transport technology can achieve delivery speeds many times faster than standard FTP and HTTP
  • Select from an address list or Aspera dropbox

Download the Aspera Application Note

Avid AAF/MXF encoding and delivery into Interplay

  • Encodes AAF and OpAtom MXF files for Avid
  • Allows delivery for MediaComposer or directly into Interplay
  • Uses Interplay Web Services; does not require Transfer Engine
  • Please contact Telestream directly for supported Interplay versions and file formats

Civolution NexGuard

  • Vantage integration with Civolution’s NexGuard Pre-Release forensic watermarking
  • Deterrent against content piracy
  • Adds traceable watermarking into outgoing content

Dolby E audio processing

  • Provides direct, single-step Dolby E processing which saves time, effort and money
  • Optimizes distribution of surround and multichannel audio within existing two-channel broadcast and post-production infrastructures
  • Accepts, transcodes and passes through Dolby E embedded source media files
  • Automatically decodes and re-encodes Dolby E audio to an extensive range of audio formats and wrappers for distribution to broadband, mobile, VOD and other distribution platforms
  • Provides direct pass-through of clean Dolby E embedded audio files to all the leading video servers and editing systems, without degradation of source files
  • Please contact Telestream directly for specific format support


  • Enables 3rd party systems to access and control Vantage workflows through a web services interface
  • Allows REST, SOAP (WSDL) and WCF integrations with Vantage
  • The SDK package includes overview, documentation and programming samples

Signiant delivery

  • Signiant transfer technology increases bandwidth efficiency for moving very large files over existing networks
  • Faster than standard FTP and HTTP, while delivering end-to-end security, reliability and bandwidth control
  • Supports multiple Signiant server locations
Download the Signiant Application Note

Multi-Language Screen Subtitling

  • Full integration with Screen Subtitling software
  • Allows you to automatically add open, burnt-in subtitles to your video workflow for delivery to multiple outlets
  • Supports integration with Screen MediaMate for DVB subtitle insertion

Download the Screen Subtitling partner solution

Automated Quality Control (QC)

  • Full integration QC options for Interra Baton, Nexidia QC, Digimetrics Aurora, and VidCheck VidChecker
  • Fully automated QC can be performed within any Vantage workflow
  • QC driven decisions allows for quality problems to be identified and dealt with quickly thus saving time and money
  • Generate QC reports in PDF or XML

Download the QC Integration Partners Product Sheet
(introduces and describes each Vantage QC Partner)

Download the Baton Application Note
Download the Aurora Application Note
Download the VidChecker Application Note
Download the Venera Pulsar Application Note

Nexidia QC

Full integration allows for automated closed caption and video description verification, closed caption alignment, and language verification within any Vantage workflow.

  • Language Verification—Check any track for one of 11 languages
  • Caption Verification—Check for missing or incorrect captions, and check for out of sync shift and frame-rate conversion drift.
  • Caption Alignment—Align out of sync captions and output the re-timed caption file.
  • Video Description Verification—Check for adequate presence of video description on a secondary track or separate media file.

Download the Nexidia QC Application Note

Cinnafilm Tachyon

  • World class Standards Conversion and Video Correction integrated directly into Vantage Transcode and Transcode Pro.
  • Runs on the Telestream Lightspeed server using GPU acceleration.

Download the Tachyon VPL Application Note

Dolby DP600

  • Direct control of the Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer from Vantage.
  • Submit work orders to DP600 profiles from within a Vantage workflow, use DP600 output files in subsequent workflow steps and monitor work order status from within Vantage.
  • Allows audio Encoding , Decoding and Cross-Conversion of DolbyE, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus as well as other audio formats.
  • Performs Downmixing, Upmixing and Automated Loudness and Metadata correction.

Screen MediaMate

  • Screen MediaMate software for subtitle and captioning workflows is integrated directly into Vantage.
  • Insert VANC subtitles into MXF or DVB subtitles into Transport Streams.
  • Extract Teletext or 608 caption data from media files.
  • Convert between subtitle file formats.
  • Generate file formats for Web captioning such as SMPTE 2052, WebVTT or iTunes Timed Text.