Flip4Mac WMV
Download the Update
Download Flip4Mac WMV
Download Flip4Mac WMV
  • The importer now accepts files with a .wm extension.
  • Fixed issue where watermarks would appear incorrectly.
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With Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro you can...
  • Move Windows Media video files into your iPhone, iPad or iPod & iPod Touch
  • Import WMV files for editing and conversion to QuickTime formats
  • Convert movies from your digital camera for editing in applications like Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express HD, QuickTime Pro and iMovie ‘06*
Convert Windows Media to QuickTime with Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro
Upgrade to Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro
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*iMovie '08 and iMovie '09 not currently supported. Click here for iMovie support.