Vantage Cloud Manager

Vantage Cloud Manager is a management and control dashboard for the provisioning, management and monitoring of multiple Vantage
Virtual Domains. Cloud optimized and customizable, Vantage infrastructure is configured with a few mouse clicks in only minutes.

  • Provision Vantage Virtual Domains: Select the region, number and instance types, then click Start to provision secure, optimized network infrastructure, a virtual SAN, and connectivity to the Vantage Virtual Domain.
  • Scaling: Add or remove capacity from Vantage Virtual Domains to maximize system throughput and efficiency.
  • Workflow Snapshots: Vantage Cloud Manager captures and maintains snapshots of Vantage workflow definitions. Snapshots customize Vantage Virtual Domains with your workflows at startup.
  • Assure Security: Vantage Cloud Manager maintains secure access to Vantage Virtual Domains with Virtual Private Cloud, AWS security group permissions and unique access credentials for each Vantage Virtual Domain.
  • Secure Remote Access: Remotely access Vantage Virtual Domains from the Vantage Cloud Manager. Links are provided for each Vantage Virtual Domain to establish secure connections to any server in the network.
  • Monitor Health and Status: The Vantage Cloud Manager dashboard is a highly visual display of the health and status of all Vantage Virtual Domains. Determine at a glance the status of all servers and connectivity. Vantage Virtual Domains are equipped with Vantage Job Status Dashboard for real-time status of individual jobs and tasks within the Vantage Virtual Domain from any web browser.
  • Account Management: Every virtual domain is associated with a user account for security, financial tracking and management functions.