Vantage Cloud

On-demand Virtual Vantage Domains

Vantage Cloud Services

Vantage transcoding and workflow management software, now available in the Cloud — on-demand and scaleable as needed

Vantage Cloud makes Vantage — the transcoding and workflow management software of choice for the world's most demanding media companies—available in the cloud, on-demand, in less than 15-minutes. With Vantage Cloud, you define the scale, location and performance of Vantage Virtual Domains to deliver compelling new products and services to your customers and organizations.

Vantage Virtual Domains – On Demand

Vantage Virtual Domains are managed networks of services, deployed on elastic infrastructure to add flexibility, agility and responsiveness to your business. Vantage Cloud deployment enables new business models and compelling products and services.

Need production capacity? Add hundreds of servers at AWS. Need a new lab system to develop, deploy and test a prototype? Build your private, Virtual Vantage Domain to design, test and deploy new capabilities.

  • 15 Minute provisioning – Add hundreds of servers to your infrastructure in less time than it takes to fill out a requisition form.
  • Global reach – Deploy your transcoding capacity where the content is located, anywhere in the world.
  • Elastic production capacity – Adjust capacity to meet demand ebb and flow without over-provisioning – no power, cooling, or space required.
  • Financial flexibility – Align spending and revenue with pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Security – Deploy Vantage Virtual Domains within Virtual Private Networks at your service provider for managed, secure, connectivity.
  • Virtual Lab Space – Instantly create capacity for projects, experiments & evaluations. Save weeks on project schedules.