Vantage Cloud Subscriptions

Vantage On-Demand at Amazon Web Services

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Vantage Cloud Subscriptions

Subscription pricing and cloud deployment of Vantage, the transcoding and workflow management software of choice
for the world’s most demanding media companies.

Vantage Virtual Domains – On Demand

With Vantage Cloud Subscriptions, securely provision fully functional Vantage Virtual Domains in the cloud, in less than 15-minutes. With a few clicks, you define the scale, location and performance of Vantage Virtual Domains to deliver compelling new products and services to your customers and organizations, and pay for the time that you use it.

Vantage Virtual Domains are provisioned, configured and monitored with Vantage Cloud Manager, software with a simple user interface that puts you in control of your cloud infrastructure so that it suits your business requirements, schedules, and budgets.

  • Vantage: Full complement of Vantage transcoders, workflow components and management tools.
  • Fast: 15 minute provisioning. Deploy Vantage Virtual Domains, at any scale in less time than it takes to complete a requisition form.
  • Secure: Vantage virtual domains are provisioned within Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) in the cloud for maximum security.
  • Scalable: Adjust capacity to meet demand without over-provisioning – no power, cooling, or space required.
  • Financially flexible: Pay-as-you-go pricing aligns spending and revenue.
  • Globally accessible: Worldwide presence for global operations.