Vantage Virtual Domains are managed networks of Vantage transcoding and workflow
management software systems, provisioned on AWS elastic infrastructure.

Vantage Cloud Domains

Licensed Vantage Services

Features Over the Top Multi Format International Description
Transcode Pro   X X General purpose transcoder for broadcast, web and mobile applications
IPTV VOD   X X Transport Stream transcoder for IPTV and Cable VOD.
Multiscreen X X X Adaptive bit-rate transcoder for Over The Top applications.
Post Producer DAI   X X Automated assembly of multi-layered video compositions and montages.
Analysis Pro X X X Media analysis and measure video and file charactistics within your media workflows.
Metadata Processing X X X Process and convert metadata into compliant, deliverable formats.
SDK X X X The Vantage SDK service is for receiving command and control messages and delivering status.
Monitor X X X Monitor Watch folder monitor for Windows, S3, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and broadcast servers
Staging X X X Assemble and archive multi-layered directory structures for efficient, single file FTP delivery.
Transport X X X File transport using S/FTP, FTP/S, S3, HTTP, Aspera and Windows file system protocols
Catalog X X X Collect, store and propagate metadata data for analysis, tracking, and reporting.
Nielsen   X   Nielsen D4 watermarking filter. Requires connection to Nielsen TIC server
Signiant X     Accelerated internet file transfer
Aspera X X X Accelerated internet file transfer
Tachyon     X Cinnafilm frame rate conversion, deinterlacing and inverse telecine filter
Screen     X DVB Subtitle burn-in filter