Vantage Virtual Domains

Fully Configured. Qualified Vantage Components.

Vantage Virtual Domains are managed networks of Vantage transcoding and workflow
management software systems, provisioned on AWS elastic infrastructure.

  • Vantage: Vantage software is pre-installed and fully licensed with the full range of Vantage transcoding, formats, analysis and workflow capability.
  • Throughput: Optimized for Amazon Web Services infrastructure, Vantage Virtual Domains are deployed on high performance network and storage infrastructure to maximize overall system throughput at any scale.
  • Security: Vantage Virtual Domains are constructed within Virtual Private Clouds in your AWS account for maximum security.
  • Operational Integration: Media I/O from cloud or on-premise storage with S3, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, and Aspera protocols simplify workflow integration for cloud-based and on-premise implementations.
  • Workflow Integration: Workflows can be triggered interactively with folder monitoring, or with API commands for cloud and hybrid cloud integration.
  • Scalable: Once created, the domain can be scaled up and down as required while tasks continue to run.

Licensed Vantage Services

Features Over the Top Multi Format International Description
Transcode Pro   X X General purpose transcoder for broadcast, web and mobile applications
IPTV VOD   X X Transport Stream transcoder for IPTV and Cable VOD.
Multiscreen X X X Adaptive bit-rate transcoder for Over The Top applications.
Post Producer DAI   X X Automated assembly of multi-layered video compositions and montages.
Analysis Pro X X X Media analysis and measure video and file charactistics within your media workflows.
Metadata Processing X X X Process and convert metadata into compliant, deliverable formats.
SDK X X X The Vantage SDK service is for receiving command and control messages and delivering status.
Monitor X X X Monitor Watch folder monitor for Windows, S3, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and broadcast servers
Staging X X X Assemble and archive multi-layered directory structures for efficient, single file FTP delivery.
Transport X X X File transport using S/FTP, FTP/S, S3, HTTP, Aspera and Windows file system protocols
Catalog X X X Collect, store and propagate metadata data for analysis, tracking, and reporting.
Nielsen   X   Nielsen D4 watermarking filter. Requires connection to Nielsen TIC server
Signiant X     Accelerated internet file transfer
Aspera X X X Accelerated internet file transfer
Tachyon     X Cinnafilm frame rate conversion, deinterlacing and inverse telecine filter
Screen     X DVB Subtitle burn-in filter