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NBC Olympics, a division of NBC Sports Video Group, utilized Vantage and Lightspeed Server to provide file-based workflow orchestration during its coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.
“We used Vantage file-based standards conversion, transcoding, audio re-mapping, down mixing, closed captioning extraction, and more. The GPU-accelerated Lightspeed Server ensured that processes kept up with the rigorous live environment, and the workflow profiles allowed us the flexibility to configure process intelligence with each step.”
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"For us, moving from FlipFactory to the Vantage platform was a big success. And with the investment in Lightspeed Servers, we gained even more speed.”

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MAGENTA TV streamlines video trancoding with Vantage – "With Telestream Vantage we can operate faster and more efficiently with greater flexibility and perfect results"

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"We were pioneers with the Vantage and Pipeline product combination, but Telestream provided excellent support and working with them was very beneficial for CANAL+."

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"75% of everything we do is now either controlled by Vantage or encoded by Vantage"
– Ken Brady, VP Systems Technology and Digital Media, Turner Studios

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BYU-Idaho Enriches Academic Environment: Learn how Brigham Young University-Idaho boosts productivity and enhances the learning experience with video processing by Telestream Vantage Transcode & Lightspeed Server

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Supersport moves from tape to a faster file-based delivery – "We can now offer premium content to our subscribers on a day and date basis, minimizing the risk of losses through piracy."

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"We’re now able to post game highlights in just 20 minutes following the event, compared to the two to three hours it used to take, and that’s a huge improvement."

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